Toot Your Horn Tuesday {April Fool's Edition} | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Hi gang! Who is ready for some April Fool’s Day fun? Is today the day that you will be looking over your shoulder all day long? Or second-guessing everything your family and friends tells you about? Or are you the jokester in your group of friends who woke up this morning thinking, “finally, I have an excuse to pull off all the things I have been scheming about?” I love to play jokes on people and I have also been on the receiving end quite a few times.

Growing up, on many an April Fool’s Day where my mom happened to be making a bunch of boiled eggs for egg salad sandwiches (a Lenten staple of course), I would sneak into the fridge and replace one of the hard boiled eggs with a “regular” egg. I hid around the kitchen corner and would proceed to watch as my mother would gently tap the egg on the counter or with a spoon, thinking she was going to just be cracking the shell a little bit. It would explode with yolk dripping everywhere and I would explode with laughter.

Less funny of course was the time I came out of church and saw my car was not in the spot where I left it. I called the police thinking it had been stolen when in fact a guy I was dating at the time, who had his own set of keys, decided to move the vehicle as an April Fool’s prank.

Let’s hear from you! Toot your horn as to what YOUR favorite pranks have been! Or if anyone really gotchya good!

By the way, no fooling around folks – we do have a new workout calendar to dig into and it starts TODAY! No joke! Let’s kick some ass in April!.

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