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When the folks from HumanX contacted me and asked if I’d like to review one of their products, I jumped at the chance.  I’m always game for new workout ideas and gadgets.  They sent me the AbX to try out and review.

The AbX is a device to build abdominal core strength.  According to their website, the AbX has the following features:

  • builds abdominal core strength
  • full range of motion in training oblique and ab muscles
  • exclusive high density foam supports body during plyometric exercise
  • bottom gripping surface holds position on floor
  • easy to clean, store and transport

Upon opening the box, I liked the shape/design of the AbX.  It has a wider side and tapers to a narrower side.  I was a bit disappointed that there were no instructions or workouts included with the device.  The user needs to go to their website where you will find 6 or 7 short YouTube videos demonstrating various exercises you can do with the AbX.  I used it for full sit ups and sit ups with a twist, as well as attempting reverse crunches and a butterfly situp.  Some of the moves appeared harder to me with this device, such as the reverse crunch, whereas the butterfly situps were much easier with the AbX.

source – humanxgear

The AbX supports the lower back and allows for a full range of motion, similar to if you were doing crunches on an exercise ball.  However, because you are fully on the floor, it feels more stable.  I can definitely see adding this little device into my ab rotation.

HumanX is the newest line of specialized fitness gear by Harbinger Fitness.  They also feature speed ropes, weighted vests, writs stabilizers and a variety of other products.  You can check out their full line here.

The AbX retails for around $36 but was provided to me free of charge for review at The Sisterhood.  As always, the opinions are all my own.

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