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One of my favorite roles here at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans is mentoring new runners and then getting to share their success stories.  We have a Couch to 5k group over on Facebook where runners can get encouragement and begin their running journey.  In addition to our C25K group, our Run with the Sisterhood Facebook page is also a wealth of information for experienced and new runners.

Today, it’s my pleasure to introduce another couch to 5k success story – Tara!  She started c25k with us back in January and is one of our most recent “graduates”.  Tara has been an incredible support to our newer runners and graciously allowed us to share her story here.

Name: Tara M

Age: 43

Family: twin girls, age 11 and a son, 18

City/State: Port Matilda, PA

Why did you join c25k?  I initially joined to accelerate my weight loss but I’ve become attached to the time I get alone.

Most memorable recent run: very first run – my 11 year old daughter woke with me to run at 5:30 am.  We ran/walked with guidance from the C25K app.  We had to run by flashlight because it was so dark out and it was so cold we were bundled up.  We were scared of what might jump out at us from the sides of the road, so ran more than we walked on that first run.  Both of us were breathless when we returned home, laughing at how silly we must have looked for any neighbors who happened to be looking out their windows at that hour. (editor’s note – I LOVE that her daughter ran with her! Mine probably wouldn’t get up at 5:30 unless the boys from One Direction showed up at the door.)

Running skirt, shorts or capris?  I run outside – so in winter it was running pants, now will be capris

Morning or night runner?  I’ve run all hours of the day and night 🙂 (editor’s note – this is really a way to ensure your success – run when you can and be willing to be flexible)

Race experiences? My very 1st 5k I ran on Palm Sunday, April 13, 2014 with my 11 year old daughter in The Paterno Family Beaver Stadium Run that benefited the Pennsylvania Special Olympics.

Any added benefits from running?  I started running in January 2014 and have lost 50 pounds and 4 clothing sizes. (Wow!!!)

Any running pet peeves? Not yet

Describe your running in 3 words: sometimes still breathless 🙂

Upcoming race schedule/goals: We will run our next race – 4k for a school club called Kiva Club on May 17th

Anything else you’d like to share? I never thought I could do this honestly – I found my very best “technique or tip” is to NOT look at the timed runs EVER..just listen for the “ding” and run til they tell you to walk again 🙂

Thank you so much, Tara, for finding us at the Sisterhood and sticking with c25k.  You are truly and inspiration!

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