Top 7 Reasons to Interval Train – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Exercise and physical fitness are vital to overall health, strength, weight loss, energy, and a powerful metabolism. Here at Shrinking Jeans, you’re already well aware of this, so let’s talk about the specific body benefits of interval training. Here are the top 7 reasons to interval train:

Less Time, Bigger Results: Combining strength and cardio work into 1 intense workout results in maximum results in minimal time. Yippee for your busy schedule!

2-in-1 Workouts: You’re probably used to choosing cardio or strength training when planning your sweat session. With circuit training, you get to do both. Cardio drills interspersed with muscle toning exercises equal an all-inclusive workout that leaves your body in top shape.

Boost Metabolism: High impact circuit training encourages your body to move into high fat-burning mode, helping your torch fat in less time. Plus, the focus on muscle toning and strength keeps your metabolism soaring up to 48 hours after the actual workout.

Physical AND Mental Challenge: It’s easy to step into a standard routine at the gym. You know what machines and what exercises you’re comfortable with, and typically, that’s what you’ll do on automatic repeat. Circuit training forces you to engage muscles and focus your attention on specific tasks, which challenges and improves physical strength, endurance and excitement about the work at hand.

Time Efficiency: No more logging long, tedious sessions on the elliptical. Circuit training is specifically designed with efficiency in mind. Apply your body, challenge your muscles and move on to the rest of your day, looking and feeling great.

Intrigue and Interest: It’s easy to zone out during a workout, especially if what you’re doing isn’t exciting or challenging. The variety of exercises found via circuit training mean no 2 workouts are the same, which means you’ll constantly stay engaged and excited about the work you’re doing.

Play Around with Equipment: How many times have you by-passed new pieces of equipment at the gym, unsure how to use it or fear that attempting to use it will make you look like a gym novice? Circuit training eliminates that; trainers implement new tools and tactics into each session, helping you understand not only how to use the latest fitness tools, but also experience how they can and will improve your overall physical physique and performance.

So there you have it. The top 7 reasons to interval train. Now get to it!

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