Wednesday Check In – With a Challenge!


Hello Shrinkers! How is everyone? I am stealing borrowing an idea from my dear friend and fellow SJ writer Ann, who in one of her recent check in posts, also issued a challenge.  Did you participate in that one? What got you out the door into the sunshine? Getting outdoor activity on a regular basis is so important.

First things first. Go hop on the scale and see how things look. Remember, the scale is not the end all and be all of indicators of success. We all know what a finicky little bastard it can actual be! If you are able to see the number and gauge whether it truly reflects your efforts, that’s one thing. If you only see success or failure based on that one number, then you may have to take a break from the scale for a bit. It’s just a tool. It does not define your worth. I was away for my 25th (gasp) college reunion, combined with my birthday and well you have a recipe for a gain. I knew that was coming and I am OK with it. I am back. My birthday is over. My reunion is over. I am back ready to work hard and get down to business. How about you?

Now that we have the weigh in part out of the way, let’s have another challenge for the 7 days ahead, shall we? There are articles all over the web and in magazines linking proper rest to good health and successful weight loss. How many of you pay attention to your sleep, or lack there of? It’s important! For the next seven days I want you to REALLY try hard to get between 7-9 hours each night. Do what you need to do to make this happen whether that means going to bed earlier than your “usual,” passing up a late-night social engagement or (ahem) unplugging from all electronics and turning the lights off and going to sleep at a decent hour. Let’s all concentrate on this this week and make note of whether it impacts your mood, your attitude during the following day, and your ease or difficulty getting out of bed in the morning.

We SJ writers post our posts the night before you see them. So as I write this, I am laying down the gauntlet – and also looking at the clock. I need to wrap this up so I can start the challenge off on the right foot and hit the hay! Sweet dreams, everyone. Let’s hear from you – do you pay attention to the amount of sleep you get? What one thing can you do to improve in this area? I look forward to hearing from you!

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