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Hellloooooo Shrinkers!

How are you doing this week?  Wednesday is our official weigh-in day here at Shrinking Jeans.  Are you ready to step on the scale and share your weight loss/gain?  I know it can be so hard to take account of where we are via a scale, BUT if you have been slacking off (like me), then the scale can be the wake up call you (I) need.

I have taken to weighing myself sporadically and while that worked for a while, it is not working anymore for me.  You see, I lost quite a bit of weight and have done fairly well at keeping it off BUT in the last 2 months, a few pounds here and there have crept back on.  To be honest, 7 pounds have crept back on and my belly pooch is returning and I HATE IT.  Even though my clothes still fit (barely), I find myself gravitating towards the larger clothes in my wardrobe in order to hide my pooch.  I am becoming self conscious about it……again.

I am sure I am not the only one who has experienced the creep on of weight once lost.

However, instead of beating myself up about putting a few pounds on and drowning my sorrows in a late night snack, I am going to commit to losing those pounds….nice and slowly.  I want to shrink my muffin top and feel comfortable in my own skin.  I want to rock that new Athleta sundress I bought!

How will I go about this?  I feel like a broken record saying this but really, it all bears repeating.

1. Drink water and lots of it.

2. No late night snacking.

3. Portion control.

4. Consistent exercise.

5. Sleep.

6. Minimize stress.

7. Less crap, more fruits and veggies.

Now that shouldn’t be too hard, huh?!  But it is hard and that is why I am here now, pounds heavier than I want to be.  So I challenge you as I am challenging myself.  Look at my list and tell me- which ONE thing are you going to concentrate on this week?  Just pick one and then DO IT.  The entire week….7 days.

Your turn.  How did your week go?  Any revelations?  Are you getting closer to your goal? Is this harder than you thought?  Which of the items on the list above are you going to focus on?  Share in the comments below.

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