Wednesday Check-in + the Drop One Challenge


Hello Shrinkers!

You know the drill. It’s Wednesday. For the rest of the world it means Hump Dayyyyyyyy. For all of us here in the ‘Hood, it means it’s time to get nekkid and hop on the scale and see what’s what! How are you doing on your journey toward health and fitness? If you are like me, it’s often times one step forward, two steps back.  With all that back and forth, back and forth, you can get dizzier than a square dancer with a dozen partners!

Is summer being kind to  you? Are YOU being kind to you? I have been doing well keeping active. I’ve hit between 10,000 and 13,000 steps on my Fitbit every day in July so far! The struggles continue to be on the food side of things, and frankly, the summer cocktails. One the one hand I am taking advantage of all the fresh produce available these days. On the other hand, we have had a good amount of happy hours, cookouts and other social functions to attend. The scale reflects that I have been Mrs. Social Butterfly lately.

I have decided for the week ahead, I am narrowing my focus. We get so caught up in the big picture of how much we went to lose overall, how hard that will be, how long it will take, etc.  What if we all focused on losing ONE pound between now and our next check in post, which will be next Wednesday (no surprise there – it’s always on a Wednesday here in the ‘Hood!).

We all know the steps we need to take to do this. We have read countless articles, magazines and books:

  • Drink more water
  • Keep active
  • Watch your portions
  • Limit “indulgences” (note, I did not say eliminate).
  • Eat whole foods whenever possible.

What do you say? Who is in? Who wants to join me in a “Drop One” challenge? I hope you will join me! Let’s do this!

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