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Can you believe it is FRIDAY already? It’s nearly the middle of July so I wonder how you are doing with your fitness goals for this year. Fitness is a big part of our life around here at the ‘hood, so sit down and think about how you are doing with your fitness goals. If they are a bit lacking from where you wanted them to be, don’t worry about it. Today is a new day and there are lots of great ways to reach your fitness goals from this Friday (and beyond)!

Personally, my goals for this year have not really worked out the way I wanted them to, but I am looking forward to the last half of this year to make them happen. I think I have finally found the right dose of medication (for thyroid issues) and I finally have found something to help me sleep better, so I am looking forward to the last half of this year to make things happen in my fitness (and weight loss goals).

Here are just a few of the things I am going to do to help me “kick my fitness into high gear” for the next 6 months.

  • Hit the water! It’s summer and that means lots of swimming and fun in the pool here in Texas! The local recreation center we attend has a water aerobics class on Monday and Wednesday mornings and this is a perfect way to mix up my fitness routine! After walking in the heat over the weekends, I want something that isn’t going to be rough on my joints and is cool to get me moving on Monday mornings! It’s a decent time of the day, too which helps me! Check out your local pool to see if they offer something similar!! You will be amazed at how water aerobics works your body!! Once it cools down and I can’t use the outdoor pool I want to find another option for doing the water aerobics this fall! It’s so good for my achy arthritic joints!
  • DVD’s and Amazon Prime Videos! Oh the selections are seemingly endless from both options!! I haven’t really used my Amazon Prime membership to it’s fullest and it is time I do so! There are hundreds and hundreds of videos available and many of them are FREE!! You can’t beat free!!  I am interested in doing this one and Jillian always makes me feel so good, so I want to try this one, too! I think kickboxing would be the most perfect kind of workout for both cardio and body weight training, so this one is another one I want to try. Yoga is so good for us, so here’s another Jillian video to try.
  • Weightlifting! Weightlifting is intimidating but as we age it is one of the most important ways to lose weight and maintain our health and fitness level. I have been using Tamara Grand’s Ultimate Booty Workout and I am becoming a believer in weightlifting for a better booty (body). I need to get back to the book since I took some time off after going through Phase 1 of it. She divides the book into 3 phases and they increase in difficulty as each phase is completed! You don’t have to have a gym membership to lift weights, either, which is something I always believed! You just need to have some space and some weights and the instruction and desire which is my most difficult obstacle! Another great book to help get you moving in weightlifting is the book that Lisa mentioned the other day, The New Rules for Lifting for Women!   I went through some of this book a few years ago with some other Shrinking Jeans girls and it was awesome! My “stick-to-it-ness” just didn’t stick with it! Maybe I will get back into it after I finish Tamara’s book!
  • Walking or Running! Walking is something that most everyone can do! All it takes is the ability to use your legs and walk! If you are walking more than 30 minutes at a time you should have some really good shoes, (your feet and legs will thank you for them). I am a huge walker because I walk the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure, 60 miles in 3 consecutive days (so I spend a lot of money on shoes, socks and blister protection) but if you are just a casual kind of walker who wants to move a little in the morning or evenings you shouldn’t need to invest that much into walking! Running (UGH!!) is a whole ‘nother ball game that I am not a part of! You need good, quality shoes, socks, and the likes! I’m sure all the girls that are part of our Facebook group will be happy to help you if you are just getting started running! The key to walking or running is to make sure you are safe in the heat (or cold) and to have a route that will keep you interested.
  • Yoga and Stretching!  Both of these are very important for our fitness level too, even though most people laugh them both off! Try a yoga class or video and a stretching video and you will be surprised just how much better you feel! Your movements will be more fluid and you will sleep better at night! Here are a couple that look really good to me for stretching and yoga. Give it a try and see what happens!!
  • Fitness Calendars! Every month we put out a new fitness calendar! They just take a few minutes to do the daily sets and by the end of the month you will be surprised at how much more fit you are! Give one a try, if you aren’t already doing the July one! You can start whenever and wherever you are!!

What do you like to do to get your fitness on? Is it working for you? If it is, I would love to hear about it in the comments! If not, give one of these a try, consistently for 30 days, and see how much you improve!!

Happy Friday and have a healthy weekend!!



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