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This is Donya. She is a wife and mother. She is a friend to many of us here at the Sisterhood. She is a former writer for us. She is my new weight loss coach. She is also a true weight loss inspiration. This post is all about Donya and her journey to a weight loss victory!

This is Donya on January 24, 2014. It was the day she started her amazing journey to a weight loss victory. I asked her some questions about her journey and she was excited to tell us all about it. I find her so inspiring and I hope you do to.

1. Can you remember the moment that you said “this is it, I’m done messing around. I am losing the weight” and what made you think that was the time to do it?

The moment I knew I was ready is still clear as day. I had been battling some pretty severe depression over the winter, I just hit my highest weight while not being pregnant. It was a pretty dark fall and winter for me and after speaking to 2 other health care professionals, I opted to ask for help a third time.

I got the nerve up, went in crying, stressed and well…they forgot about me behind a door for almost 2 hours. I had to leave to get my daughter from preschool. They never even called to check on me knowing I was in there for severe depression.

Walking out , I knew I had to try something already being at my lowest. I figured it was a sign that something had to change. I hated my body, my diet and everything else. The next day I went to the gym. Hated it. Went back everyday and my mood improved. Then I saw the scale budge. Soon after I knew this was the lifestyle change I needed. (please ,if anyone reads this and you feel depressed, always find a provider who will listen- I was going to go back to another but I found my way)

2. What made you go with Beach Body?

I saw an infomercial for T25 and ordered by phone. It wasn’t till I saw a school friend (my coach) post something about the 21 Day Fix on Facebook. So I asked her knowing my diet had to change and I have been hooked on it ever since.

3. What is different about Beach Body that clicked with you this time that didn’t happen before with other attempts at weight loss?

Accountability! If you find the right coach, they will be consistent in motivating you each step of the way. Beachbody makes amazing products for every fitness level. If you don’t like it, they stand behind the money back guarantee.

With 21 Day Fix , the diet just clicked. It retaught me portions and how to eat properly. The colored cups system is far better for me than counting points or calories. With counting calories, I still never measured my food out.

4. Beach Body has a key component called Shakeology. What is it and what do you think about it?

OMG, I love my shakes. Best part of my day. NO LIE!!

When I ordered my first challenge pack that came with it, I figured I would hate the shakes and would return them to get a refund. NOPE. I felt less snacky, fuller and was getting more nutrition in my body than I ever was before. Dense nutrition in a dessert like shake, you can’t beat that.

They come in several different flavors and in vegan. Currently my two favorite flavors are vanilla and chocolate. They can be a snack or meal replacement. I use them both ways.

5. How many Beach Body challenges have you done and what was your favorite so far?

I have done T25, 21 Day Fix, Brazilian Butt Lift and Piyo.

So far the only one I did not care for was Brazilian Butt Lift. You will never see me promote that or do a group for it. If I don’t care for it, I won’t back it just because it is on sale.

My favorite? T25! You can’t beat THAT stellar workout in 25 minutes. However, I love the classic, timeless workout that 21 Day Fix gives. PiY0? Love that too for the increase in flexibility and strength without jumping like T25.

6. What made you want to become a Beach Body coach?

Honestly? The discount for my monthly shakes . BUT, I wanted to host a group to see if I could get my shakes paid for. What I found out about myself is that I love to cheer people on and it keeps me motivated.

7. What have you lost in pounds and inches so far and how long did it take you?

From January 24th- August 24th I have lost 36 pounds and 36 inches.
Size 20 to 14 (soon 12?)

8. If someone asked you why they should try a Beach Body challenge, what would you tell them?

You have nothing to lose, (Money back guarantee) BUT you have everything to gain. Try fueling your body with all natural, dense nutrient shakeology and get an amazing workout for all levels of fitness. Not to mention, when you find a great coach they will push you, encourage you and cheer you on. That is priceless.

9. Is there anything else that you would like people to know about Beach Body?

I was a skeptic. I didn’t think I would like the workouts or the shakes. Seven months later, I am so glad I started and even more so that I am a coach helping others hit their goals.

I wouldn’t continue if I didn’t believe in it or the company’s goal to change lives for the better. Really, there is something for every level of fitness and programs that can be lifestyle changing like 21 Day Fix.

Now, look at the picture below. This is Donya on August 24, 2014. Isn’t she amazing? I am so proud of her. She made the commitment and she stuck to it. She is still on her journey. She is still losing and she is shrinking instead of her jeans.

I am excited to have Donya as my coach. I just started this past Monday in a T25 challenge. It’s me and Shaun T every morning at 5:30. It is an amazing way to start my day. I have begun my own journey to a weight loss victory. I thought I was already on one, but I think that was just practice for this. Something has truly clicked and with Donya at my side, amazing things are going to happen. Turning 60 is looking better all the time!

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