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It happened again. Someone making a snarky comment about food on my plate. In this case, it was a senior level manager at the company picnic.

I had walked up to the table of available foods. My plate was completely empty at this point. I was delighted to see a bowl of fruit salad on the table and picked up the serving spoon to dish some out. “Look at Mary putting something healthy on her plate!” this man said as several other employees were standing all around me. As if this were an extreme rarity, me putting something healthy on my plate. This man does not know me. He does not work in my building. Yet he felt comfortable in giving commentary as to my food choices in front of several other employees.

I had no witty comeback. No quick reply. I felt myself getting red in the face and walked away as quickly as I could. Feeling small. For no good reason. Would he have said the same remark to a man? To a woman who is thin? I have my doubts.

This morning, at my Weight Watchers meeting, the leader told a story of a member bringing an apple to the Orioles game the other night. The team in my city happens to be in the American League Division Series.  Baseball is a hot hot topic around here, even at Weight Watchers. Someone in the stands wanted to know why this woman would bring an apple to the ball game. “So I can fit in my seat, unlike you,” was the woman’s reply. Kudos to her, I say.  She had a zinger at the ready. Next time, I will too. And there will be a next time, I’m sure of it.

My Plate = My Business.

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