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Today’s post takes a break from the calorie counting, the chastising for skipping the gym, and the stress of the general holiday season. Today’s post is just for fun.

We all have certain idols that we follow, and that can include an athlete. It can even include an athlete from your home town who has made it big – I happen to have one of those. You may remember Katie Mackey’s guest post from May of this year on healthy eating…or maybe not. Katie is part of the elite Brooks running team and has competed all over the world.

My hometown hero made me an even bigger fan earlier this week when she competed in the Flo Beer Mile World Championships 2014. What in the heck is THAT?! Well ladies and gents, if you haven’t heard, the Beer Mile is a real thing. The summarized version is that the competitor must drink four beers and run four laps around a track alternating beer, lap, beer, lap, beer, lap, beer, lap. (Whoever came up with this Beer Mile deserves a serious high-five)

I, for one, don’t know how this isn’t as popular as the Superbowl…maybe in a few years.

It might sound pretty straightforward, but they don’t mess around. This is a legit race with specific rules. SUCH AS: no shotgunning, no vomiting or you have to run an extra penalty lap, beer must be at least 5% alcohol by volume, etc. To see the full set of rules, click here.

27-year-old Katie Mackey competed against 10 other women during the Beer Mile World Championships and came in 7th place with a time of 6:55:34. That means chugging 4 beers AND running 1 mile in under 7 minutes. Without puking. (A new women’s world record was set that same race with a time of 6:17:76)

Watch the whole race here – trust me, you don”t want to miss out on this one. (Katie is in the pink shorts)

In a post-race interview, she acknowledged that it’s not always all about winning.

I may not have won, but I don’t know if there were very many people who had more fun than I did. This was a blast….Doing things that are fun is what keeps your passion alive over a long period of time, and I really hope to be in this sport for a really long time.

I don’t know about you, but a bad-ass athlete with superior beer-chugging ability definitely has the mark of a hero in my book.

World Beer Mile Championship 2014 – Women’s Race Rankings:


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