The Worst Word in Running | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


I know I’m guilty of this and I’d be willing to bet many of you have also used this word to describe your running or a race.  You go to the expo and someone asks which race you are running.  You see their bib and it’s for a distance further than yours.  If you’ve ever done a Disney race and you aren’t the one with all the wrist bands running the Goofy or the Dopey, I know you’ve thought it.  Maybe it’s not race weekend but your usual Saturday run.  Your friends ask how far you are running and lo and behold, it’s nowhere near their distance.

I know I’ve said it.  “It’s only a 5k.” “I only have 6 miles on the schedule.” “I’m only running the half.”  “I’m only running the marathon.”

Yep.  The worst word in running: ONLY.  Or it’s distance cousin JUST.

I’m here to tell you to STOP.  Stop minimizing your accomplishments.  Stop comparing yourself to others. I’m horrible at this and as we go into 2015, I want you to be proud of whatever you are doing to get yourself off the couch.  Change the way you answer.

“I’m running my first 5k!”  “I have 6 miles on Saturday, wanna join me?”  “I’m going to crush the half marathon.” “I’m running THE MARATHON!”  If you aren’t a runner, tell your friends “I’m going to Zumba.”  “I’m going hiking with the family.”  Whatever you are doing – celebrate it.

Let’s work to eliminate the words Only and Just from our vocabularies in 2015.  That’s my resolution.

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