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Good morning! How are you been doing this week? We are now about 9 days into our newest weight loss challenge – New Year, New You! That’s nine days of eating right, exercising, and getting into your groove. Have you found your groove yet? Are you feeling good about yourself? Are you ready to get down to business? Hop on that scale. Is the number less than last week? Tell us about your week down in the comments, or if you are a blogger, leave the link to your blog post!

What are you finding the most tough about your new journey? What has been the most rewarding moment so far?

Each and every Wednesday of 2015, we will be checking in right here at The Sisterhood. We want to hear all the nitty-gritty details -what you love, what you hate, your victories {both scale and non-scale}, frustrations, a-ha moments, etc! A supportive community is key to getting healthy and staying healthy, so read through the comments and encourage one another!

*It’s not too late to join our 6-month Lean & Mean in 2015 DietBet game!

Our A Year of Small Changes challenge is going strong! The second email was sent out on Sunday. If you’d like to follow along with the 52 weeks of challenges, be sure to join the Facebook group and/or sign up for weekly emails for reminders and motivation! When you subscribe to the weekly emails, PLEASE make sure you open the subscription confirmation email, and click the link to confirm! If you don’t see a confirmation email come through, check your spam folder.

I don’t know about you, but my shoulders and thighs are killing me. I may or may not have cried the other day while sitting down to do my business on the toilet. Have you been following along with the 31-Day Push-Up and Squat challenges? If you’re just finding us now, it’s not too late to join in the fun -print off the calendars and start at Day One.

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