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I came across a link to this Dove video last night on Facebook. Oy. Negative self talk is so horrible, but we all do it. Even the most confident and emotionally healthy of us do it. Sometimes it’s almost like there’s someone else living in our heads that just blurts out random negative thoughts.

(And yes, I realize it’s in French, but it’s still powerful, so be sure to READ the subtitles!)

I have a challenge for you.

Today, I want you to write down every single negative thought you have about yourself. Physical, mental, and emotional negative self-talk. Bad thoughts about your body, your intelligence, and your emotions. Do not spare any of those nasty thoughts.

At the end of the day, I want you to email me your list. That’s right, shoot me an email (christy @ with NEGATIVE THOUGHTS as the subject.

It will be SO FREEING to release those thoughts. To send them away in an email.

I plan to compile a list of everyone’s negative self-thoughts for a special project next week. Don’t worry, I would never share your name, or divulge any personal information. I will delete your email as soon as I copy and paste your list.

Pinky swear.

I think it will be SO VERY EYE OPENING for all of us to see all the negative thoughts each of us has every day.

So do it. Starting RIGHT NOW, write down those negative thoughts. Those terrible things you say to yourself in your mind. Write them down, and share them with me. Free yourself of them.

But Wait, There’s More

While your spending the day really focusing on (and writing down) the bad thoughts that flit through your mind, I also want you to think about this:

You are beautiful. You are worthy.

You are an amazingly unique human being.

You are strong and smart. You can do anything you set your mind to.

You are PERFECT.

NO ONE else is like you. No one.

We’re all guilty of negative self talk &  have those thoughts running through our minds. But maybe by calling attention to them, calling them out, putting them on the spot…maybe it will help to curb them just a little. Slow them down. Snuff them out. Maybe if we focus every day on beautiful thoughts about ourselves those negative thoughts will have to move out of our minds for good because there won’t be anymore room for them.

Wouldn’t that be AMAZING?

And do me another favor. Hit the share button. Share this with your friends in hopes that it will help one person see how destructive this negative self talk can be. And be sure to take some time today to tell someone how special they are. One beautiful thought from you might be life-changing for them.


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