True Confessions


Good morning ladies and gents.  Today is Tuesday and sometimes around these parts, we set aside this time to air our transgressions from the previous week.  Hopefully, we get a few things off our chests, see the errors of our ways, and strive to not make the same mistakes going forward.

So, belly on up to the laptop and go for it.  I’ll start….

  1. While I can run half marathons and even the occasional marathon, I can’t zip my pants.  This past weekend I had to go out and buy a new pair of jeans because I was afraid my favorite skinnies were one more beer away from a serious wardrobe malfunction.  What I paid for my new pair of jeans is another True Confessions post altogether. OUCH.
  2. I started out pretty well with our Year of Small Changes, but I’ve really fallen off the wagon.  The one about sleep? Forget it.  Logging what we eat and drink? Nope.  I do great for a day or two but then it just doesn’t happen.  I’m guessing this is a big part of confession number 1.
  3. I’ve basically stopped strength training and doing my double workouts.  For a few months, I was getting up before work to bike or lift and then running or lifting in the afternoons.  I’m not sure what happened, but I just don’t have the energy now.  Maybe it’s work stress or the time change or something.
  4. Speaking of work stress – it’s through the roof right now and I’m coping with too many calories, both in solid and liquid forms.  We had Parent-Teacher Conferences last week and while I love that our parent groups feed us, the choices usually aren’t the healthiest options.  There are far to many sweets and it’s too easy to grab a cookie. Then another cookie. And then a brownie.  You get the idea.

As you can see, even your writers here at the Sisterhood ride the struggle bus from time to time.  We are all human.  I definitely need to reign in the eating and up the workouts again or I’m going to be back at the mall shopping for more new pants.

Now it’s your turn.  What do you have to confess this week?

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