A 21 Day Fix Review


Over the last 10 months, weight has slowly been creeping back onto my 5’5 frame.  During marathon training, I ate like a crazy woman because I was burning so many calories and running so many miles and I was hungry all the time.  The marathon was on February 15th and all the miles stopped after that….but the marathon eating did not.

I found my clothes feeling tighter and more uncomfortable.  I finally stepped on a scale a month ago and realized I had to stop the cycle of eating mindlessly, eating too much, snacking at night, and drinking wine like it was going out of style.

I am aware of various healthy eating programs (I hate the word diet).  Paleo, Whole 30, Weight Watchers, and Wheat Belly to name a few. I am fairly certain there are 100’s of different *diets* I could follow.  The one that appealed to me at this time is Beach Body’s 21 Day Fix.


21 Day Fix Review

The 21 Day Fix package (Amazon, $72) comes with cups for measuring out portions. Each colored cup represents a different food group- fruit, vegetable, protein, carbohydrates, seeds/oil, healthy fats/cheese. Based on a formula derived by Beach Body and using your current weight, you are allotted a certain number of cups for each food group. Whatever you can fit in that cup for a particular food group, you can eat.  No measuring, no calorie counting.

The program also includes 2 workout DVD’s and a schedule of when to do what.  Each segment of the video is 30 minutes long and focuses on cardio, total body, lower body, upper body, pilates and more.

Lastly, the package I purchased (on my own accord- no one asked nor paid me to write this post) included  a package of Shakeology mix.  In general, I am not a huge fan of protein powders or any kind of powder that you mix with other stuff to make a shake.  BUT, this tastes OK and mixed with the right ingredients, it’s like dessert in a cup!  Plus, it’s packed with all kinds of good stuff.

So let’s recap the 21 Day Fix:  21 Days of eating the right stuff in the right amounts with 30 minutes of exercise daily.  SOLD.

Here is what I like and dislike so far.

21-Day Fix Pros

  • I can do anything for 21 days was my first thought.
  • What appealed to me about this program is the emphasis on portion control.
  • No calorie counting- I don’t have the patience for that.
  • I can still eat whatever I want BUT I have to stay within my allowance of cups.
  • There is built in treat *cups* but I haven’t used any of those!
  • The 21 Day Fix seems to be hugely popular. Thus, there are TONS of meal ideas on Pinterest.
  • Shakeology is a great shake/meal on the go packed with goodness.
  • I like the ease and convenience of doing the workout videos in my own home at a time that works for me. Ya’ll know I can’t quit running so I have added running a day or to in addition to the 30 minute video.

21-Day Fix Cons

  • Let’s be honest- the price.  It is not cheap to get started and if you want to keep drinking the shakes after 21 days, you will have to purchase more Shakeology.  Yes, I understand it is less than what you would pay for a venti mocha latte at Starbucks, but it still hurts the pocketbook.
  • Meal planning and prepping.  You have to plan out your meals and snacks otherwise you will get stuck somewhere with none of the good stuff with you will be starving, ready to reach for the closest food item to shovel down (do you think this has happened to me?).  Prepping your food goes hand in hand with the planning.  It can take a while to get both of these right and I have yet to master it…..but I will.
  • The dinner meals I am cooking are definitely healthier and better for my family of five. Luckily, I have three kids whom are great eaters. That being said, most of our main dishes include lots of chopping of this and that and using multiple pans and I am finding dinnertime to take a little longer than usual.  Part of it could be trying to figure out WHAT I am going to make instead of planning it out ahead of time : ).

I am at the end of Day 5 and have lots 5.5 lbs already. I am not sure if that is normal or if I was just eating so much crap that my body is thanking me for easing up and filling it with the good stuff.  Whatever the reason, I am not complaining.

I took *before* pictures, but I am not brave enough to post them here (yet).  Maybe at the end.  Maybe not.

I have 15 days left to go and I am already contemplating doing a 2nd round.  I am loving the results so far. Even better, I am loving the control I have taken over my mindless eating, eating too much, nighttime snacking, and I have said ADIOS to wine.

Disclosure: I purchased the 21-Day Fix and Shakeology on my own and was not compensated for this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

If you are a BeachBody coach, please do not leave your link in the comments. 

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