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The May edition of Sisterhood Shots is ready, and we can’t wait to see what you capture through the lens of your camera in May! Our photo-a-day challenge is a great way to help document your weight-loss/fitness journey, and if you have been on your healthy journey for a while, this can be a great addition to what you’re already doing! We encourage you to use the prompts anyway you want. You can use them exactly they way they are written, or you can go way outside the box because we love the creativity you share with us! The pictures you post may inspire others to start their own journey to a healthier life.

If you’ve not participated in a photo-a-day challenge before, this is how it works:  On or before the 1st of each month, I will create a blog post with prompts for photos each day. Using the prompt as inspiration, take a photo and share it via Social Media, using the hashtag, #Sisterhoodshots  It’s really that simple!

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Sisterhood Shots: May Photo-A-Day

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