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Summer time typically means get togethers at the lake, barbecues, or if you are living in my current world, graduation parties. This past weekend I had two grad parties plus a Memorial Day party to attend and this is only the first official weekend of summer.

I have a confession to make.  I did not plan well AT ALL for said parties and I paid for it dearly.  I had eaten low carb very faithfully for almost two full weeks and I royally blew it on Saturday.  Let me tell you, when you haven’t had carbs, any that you do eat may not agree with you and any alcohol you drink will probably hit you twice as hard.  I did pretty well at the first party – no booze and I had a taco salad without any shell.  But they also had this super cute s’mores making station so I had a roasted marshmallow (skipped the chocolate and graham cracker).  I also had some homemade caramel corn.  The later grown-up party was a disaster. Let’s just say, too much red wine (I thought I was being “good” drinking that instead of beer), a brownie, a cookie, and some delicious fruit cobbler thing do not mix when you haven’t had more than about 25-30 carbs a day for the previous 12 days.

So I’m here today to hopefully help you all learn from my mistakes and maybe create my own plan for ways to avoid temptations I know are coming in the next few weekends as well.

5 Ways to Avoid Temptation

1. Don’t drink. For real, it isn’t worth the calories or the hangover.  Not to mention, you’ll be less able to say “no” to other temptations after a glass of wine or a beer.

2. Find out what your host is serving and plan accordingly.  I knew the party was going to have a taco bar so I made a taco salad without the chips or shell.  Most parties will also include a fruit bowl or veggie try, so have at those.

3. Ask if you can bring a dish to pass and then bring something you know will fit into your meal plan.

4. Eat before you go.  This was my big downfall to party number 2.  I’d had that taco salad but by the time we hit the second party at almost 8:00, I was starving.  I had a burger with no bun and only mustard but then I was still so hungry (and the wine had kicked in) that I dug into all the junk I shouldn’t have had.

5. Your other option is to go ahead and eat or drink whatever you want.  Take ownership of your choices and then don’t beat yourself up the next day.

Enjoy your summer parties.  Planning for temptation means you can make it through them without completely derailing all your hard work.  Just keep option number 5 to every third or fourth party.

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