Finding what works… for you!


I’ve been following a lot of different fitness pages and workout blogs. Sometimes I feel so driven to improve myself that I lose my head a bit. As if purchasing one more protein shake, one more blender bottle or one more video will make me miraculously the person I want to be. And we all know the truth behind that one.

Yet, that same motivation can be exactly what you need to finish that mile you started, or to even start it to begin with – so how do you know when you’re crossing the line? That’s a tough one.

For instance, when I’m purchasing “self-improvement” items online, I put them in my shopping cart and then come back later to it. Do I feel the same way about it? Am I still certain that this is something I will use and enjoy? Or am I more interested in whatever promised results are offered? Do I really have the time and energy to put into a new routine, project, etc.?

When I’m looking at new foods, I purchase the smallest amount I can find. There’s nothing worse than forcing yourself to eat something, and then realizing how much you can’t stomach it, yet have a giant-sized container to try to swallow. Not only is taste a concern, but what about those new items that may not agree with you? (Another caution, don’t try something new right before a big business meeting, or a long drive somewhere. Just sayin.’)

Blogs are also something you need to test out. I love inspirational, funny, come-what-may type of writing that gets me motivated, or thinking, or just entertains me. That’s one of the things I like so much about this space right here! I stay away from those sites that insist there’s only one way to get your desired results, only one way to eat, only one way to exercise, only one way to achieve your goals – because guess what, nothing could be further from the truth!

We all have things that work and don’t work for us. We all have likes and dislikes and personalities that are as differing as our fingerprints – and that includes workout styles and food choices. And we should not only expect it, but celebrate our differences!

So whether you are a runner, or a yogi, or someone driven to work out to earn a glass of wine – it’s all OK. What matters most is reaching your destination, not the road you took to get there.

Enjoy your travels, and don’t be afraid to expand your horizons – you never know when you may find a shortcut! (Although the long way around is just as rewarding!)