One More New Writer for The Sisterhood! {Introducing Erin}


When we put out the call for new writers for The Sisterhood, we were blown away by all the submissions. We had planned on only selecting one new writer, but instead chose three! Please welcome Erin to our Sisterhood team -we know she will bring a lot to our site, and we are so excited to see all she has to offer!

Hello new friends! My name is Erin, and I am beyond happy to be joining the others writers here at the Sisterhood Of Shrinking Jeans. I just graduated from the University of Cincinnati and can’t wait to see what life holds for me after school.

In college I studied two of my biggest passions, journalism and Spanish. I chose journalism because I have always thought that every single person has (at least one!) story to tell and I wanted to be that person with whom they shared it. While the “media” can represent many different things, both positive and negative, to me it’s always been a method to just connect with each other. At the heart of every story I’ve written is one person with a story to tell. I chose Spanish for just about the exact same reason. I just love communicating, in every way!

This is going to be my first summer where I’m not working my butt off or taking extra college classes, and I can’t wait to experience this thing called “free time” everyone keeps talking about. I have quite a few things I want to do, including successfully grow a vegetable garden, finally learn how to sew, continue to polish my Spanish by volunteering in my community, and try my hand at wood-working, which I’ve done in the past and absolutely loved! My ever-supportive fiancé Danny actually bought me a compound miter saw last week to support my endeavors. He’s a keeper, ladies!

Speaking of which, I am engaged to an absolutely wonderful guy who shares my love of sushi, pun-based humor, pop culture, and social issues – the aforementioned Danny. We are expecting our first kid this fall, a sure to be awesome little dude we are going to name Roman. I also have two cats that I love more than I admit in mixed company, Luna and Piper. With so much love in my life, it’s impossible to ever be sad.

I love to travel and have been quite a few places in my short 23 years on this Earth. Some of my favorites have been Costa Rica, China, and Cuba. The trip to Havana was my most recent excursion and was filled with such unique experiences I truly can’t wait to get back! I am going to Cancun next month with family and hope to take Danny and Roman to Beijing next summer to visit my father, who works abroad. Basically, give me an excuse to leave the country for a bit and I’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

If you want to be friends, just add me! My Facebook is here there’s also always Twitter, which I am embarrassingly new at but figuring out more everything single day. I follow back! (That’s a thing, right?)

In my journey writing for the Sisterhood, I hope to share my experience watching my body change both before and after giving birth. I have always been drawn to fitness and have had a lot of fun trying new things, so this is just one more step in that journey. I promise to everyone that I will always be honest, open, and genuine in my writing and will be there for anyone who needs it. I can’t wait to bring my perspective and voice to this wonderful site!