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Welcome to the June edition of Sisterhood Shots! It’s the time of year to be outside and get active!

If you’re starting a weight-loss/fitness journey, or you’re in the middle of one, Sisterhood Shots is a great way to help document your journey. Each day, use the photo prompt list to capture a photo as it relates to you. It can be literal or way outside the box. Be as creative as you want!

Everyone here at the Sisterhood and in our community would love to see your pictures, so please use the hashtag #sisterhoodshots

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Now let’s get outside, get moving, and get healthy!

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Sisterhood Shots: June Photo-A-Day

30-Day Lunge Challenge: June’s FREE Workout Calendar! Your behind and legs will be looking better than ever at the end of June! Full details, modifications, variations, and printable workout calendar can be found HERE.

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