3 Types of Support Every Woman Needs


When you hear the word “support,” what do you think of? I’m going to tackle three types of support that have helped me through this journey.

1.  Equipment. What? What could I possibly mean? Well, since we’re all friends here, let me tell you what I mean – a good sports bra.

That’s right. I can’t even fathom attempting any physical activities without my trusty sports bra. And even though it was expensive, it was worth every penny. (Especially when I consider that I used to wear 2 or 3 at a time.)

It’s nice to know that I no longer pose a risk to anyone around me when running…or walking…or (God-forbid) jumping.

2.  Nutrition. Ever think of your nutrition as a type of support? Well, it is. How are you supporting your fitness journey? How are you supporting your goals?

Not only do I embrace protein – I raise it!

I’m not talking about following certain fad-diets or having to restrict yourself from enjoying life. I’m simply reminding you to be cognizant of what it is that you’re fueling your goals with – especially when it comes to eating.

I’m a firm believer that you can’t have a long list of never-eats. If you do and cheat, than you have a higher risk of not getting back on the right track. But if you plan accordingly and realize that you’re as human as the rest of us, you’re more likely to stay on task. Which brings me to my last type of support …

3.  People. Fueling your soul is just as important as fueling your body.

Surround yourself with positivity – and don’t be afraid to color outside the lines!

But don’t worry; it doesn’t have to be people that you see every day. The group of people that you are surrounded with here is a great example of exactly what I mean.

The most important part of your support is… well… being supportive. That means accepting you as is, not judging, not creating unrealistic expectations and giving solid advice when asked.

You know, those people that will tell you the truth in a constructive way, not just remind you how far you have to go!

Support. It took me a long time to realize what it was that I was looking for, let alone find the right combination. Heck, it took me almost 15 years just to find a single sports bra that could do the job, let alone a group of people for me to rely on! (Perhaps I have a few trust issues… I’ll work on it.)

But any journey is worth preparing for the right way if you’re going to put the time into it to make it successful.

I wish you all the best in the journey you’re on – whether it be to lose weight, feel healthier, or just being active. They are all noble goals.