What's Holding You Back?


What holds you back?

I think about that a lot as I hit a plateau here and there – or worse yet, I have a setback. And guess what I’ve learned? The blame lies solely at my feet.

Now, I confess that there are times where schedules get hectic, life gets crazy, convenience is master of my domain and I need to have meals that are fast, workouts that are short, and sleep – oh, how I miss sleep. But I have to take sole responsibility for that.

It’s funny, because I hear a lot of people say that they don’t have time for this, or don’t have time to do that. But when you really think about it, we are all busy. We take time for those things that are important. And that includes our health.

So I’m done with my excuses, and I’m working on writing down my schedule, so that I can physically see that I have time to exercise. I’m going to plan my meals and have things in place so that I’m better prepared.

If I pencil out a schedule each month, it’ll be harder for me to veer off course, and it’ll be easier for me to get in everything else I need to accomplish. And I’m one of those people that love seeing lists, and crossing them off – so that’s what I’ll do.

What holds me back? Nothing that isn’t movable.

What works for you? Any tips for me to stay on track?

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