All of Me…In a Bathing Suit | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


I went on vacation last week, to beautiful, sunny California.

We did the typical touristy stuff.

We went to Disneyland.We went to Hollywood.We went to a Dodgers game.We went to the beach.

Oh, I took tons of pictures at the beach; it was so pretty and my kids were having a fantastic time. I took lots of picture of them playing in the sand and frolicking in the waves. However, for the most part, I stayed behind the camera…..shooting away and avoiding having my own picture taken in a BATHING SUIT. Oh hell no.  I have gained a few pounds, my exercise regimen has slowed way down and I feel pudgy all over.  I did not want a beach picture to forever capture this moment of chunk.

BUT, I couldn’t NOT take a family shot because HELLO, we are on vacation and at the beach and we don’t get to see the beach very often.  Our friend took a family shot for us.  After cropping out the parts of my body I’m currently unhappy with and applying a flattering filter, I Instagrammed and Facebooked our family picture, where it gathered many *likes* from friends and family.

I felt kind of like a fraud.  I cropped out the parts of my body I don’t like instead of owning my body.  I posted the *pretty* version for the world to see.

Why do our eyes automatically gravitate to the parts of our body we do not like?  When I saw the original of this picture, I went straight to every single thing I did not like about my body instead of focusing on all the love this picture oozes. Why, oh why?

Well, here is the uncropped picture for the world to see.

My body is not perfect and sure, there are things I could improve, however, I love this picture because it has all five members of my family.  We are smiling, we are happy, and we are at the beach. I know when my kids are much older and wanting to see family pictures, they will not care one bit what I look like–they will only care that we captured this perfect moment in time–ALL OF IT.

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