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Earlier this week Christy posted this article to our Facebook page and asked for people to comment on their soda habits. I scoured the comments and read them with great interest (but was strangely quiet). I also read the article multiple times and tried to keep myself from hyperventilating!

Confession: I am a soda-holic!

I big puffy heart LOVE COKE (the real stuff, not diet), and I can’t just have one! When I drink a Coca-Cola, I can’t just a small can. I don’t just have an occasional soda with dinner…I am truly hooked on the stuff! Drinking a Coke sends me into a downward spiral of sugar indulgence, which just compounds my addiction. I’ve even purposely gone off sugar and sodas five or six times with GREAT success, BUT (and this the big but), I have always let them slip back into my diet and routine.

I know I feel so much better when I cut the soda and sugar. I sleep better, lose weight, and just feel better, but naturally I let life and stress and various other excuses control my situation and soda creeps back into my diet. The longest time I have gone without soda is about 7 weeks, and during that time I lost about 15 pounds by doing nothing but eliminating the Cokes. You’d think this would be incentive enough for someone who has been determined to lose weight for as long as I have been, but….

Yes, I am a stubborn lady. I am human and want to have what I want to have, but the reality is I’m about to turn 50-years-old and it is time I grow up and realize that if I want to be healthy I need to honor my body. For me, this means NOT drinking soda and consuming excessive amounts of sugar anymore.

Look at this info graphic that was in the above mentioned article and give me one good reason to consume soda:

When I look at this graphic it solidifies in my mind that I should give up the soda habit for good. I truly don’t have the ability to have “just one”. I have friends that can have soda occasionally and be perfectly content, but I am not one of them. I have friends that just don’t like the taste of soda, so they never drink them. Unfortunately, that is not me, either. I need to kick the habit and say “no more soda”.

Can I kick the habit permanently? Can I be one of those people I saw on our Facebook feed that said they haven’t had a soda in years? Can I be one of those people who don’t miss the carbonation? Can I be one of those people who can go to restaurant and drink water or iced tea and not feel like they are missing something? Can I be one of those people who can kick the habit and lose weight and be healthier?

I am about to find out! Will you join me? Let’s quit drinking sodas TODAY!

Use the hashtag #SJNoSoda and we will support each other and gain back our health!



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