Trying to Lose Weight on a Schedule


I’m working with a dietitian and a few other specialists on trying to figure out this weight thing and really finding what will work for me – without extreme medical intervention. It’s been going pretty well, but I sometimes wonder if these people realize that not only do I NOT live in a vacuum, but I have a life as well.

For instance, this particular “plan” that I’m on has a schedule. I’m to have three meals per day, as well as three snacks. It’s pretty easy to figure out, and the food plan is actually something that I feel I can keep up with – except for the timing. Do they really think life works out like this?

Let me explain to you my average day. Actually, scrap that – there is no such thing as an average day in my life! And I’m sure many of you can completely understand. I may wake up expecting to have not much going on, then end up taking parts somewhere, hauling a load of something somewhere, dropping off forgotten homework, an appointment, delivering vegetables – the sky is the limit to what may come up in a day. Plus, when I work four days a week, I never know for sure what traffic may be like in the office.

So although I’m supposed to eat every three hours roughly, there are days where it’s almost six hours before I even think about food, just because life has gotten out of hand a bit. And then I get frustrated, because I prefer to be able to check things off the list that the dietitian gave me. (Yes, I’m one of those people.)

I’m trying to get better at it, but it’s not easy. Because I have a life. Like we all do.

I check in once a week or so with my consultant, just to make sure I have no questions, that I’m held accountable, and that I feel supported. And so far my only frustration has been the timing of it all, because my life doesn’t seem to do schedules.

I’ve worked out a few things that have seemed to help me along the way, so I’ll pass them on – in case anyone else has the same problems I have:

On days that I know are going to be crazy, I set up an alarm for each meal or snack I need to have. That way I can’t blame it on being distracted and forgetting.

On the days that I feel hungry before I am supposed to have another snack or meal, I force myself to drink at least 30 more ounces before I consider having something. Sometimes my body has a hard time determining what is hunger, thirst or the need for distraction. Many times it’s the last one.

If that doesn’t work, then I set a goal for my stepper before I can take that break. That helps me get in my steps!

If I get busy and don’t have time (or sometimes a place) to grab a quick bite, I make sure that my next two meals are evenly spaced apart, even if not the three hours that they like to see.

Success for any program is flexibility and the ability to make it work for you. Ten days in, and I’m starting to see results that encourage me to keep going! Which is well worth the effort in my book!

Do you have any tips for those that are living a scheduled life in a non-scheduled world?

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