My Life Lately


I’m a runner.  Somewhere inside I still believe that, but it’s really hard to say it out loud.  I haven’t run more than 5 miles total in the past month and the running I have done can barely qualify.  I feel like a poser if I wear a race shirt.

I’m an injured runner.  I let some little niggles go on too long and now I’m hooked up to a TENS unit as I type this, trying to promote some healing.  I haven’t had a real workout in weeks because the PT exercises I’m expected to do every day with those silly bands take 45 minutes or more and leave me sore.  I clearly need to improve my strength but dang, I miss sweating and biking just doesn’t cut it for me (the only cardio I can safely do).  I’ve had a worse injury than this which found me in a boot for 3 months, so I should be able to cope this time around but I’m really struggling.

I’m a frustrated runner.  I tried a little “test” run last weekend and it did not go very well.  Let’s ignore the fact that I have ZERO cardio endurance now and I couldn’t run for 5 minutes.  The achilles I’ve been treating felt pretty good during the run but the posterior tibialis pain I thought would also resolve with the healing achilles was so much worse than it ever has been.  I ended up switching to intervals to get through 1.5 miles.  (Not a dig at those of you who run using intervals – I think that’s great – it’s just not for me.)

I had some positive feedback from the PT last week with improved range of motion measurements, but obviously my run last weekend showed I am nowhere back to being able to run without pain.  It seems I’ve traded one injury for another and that really stinks.  The PT wants me to do a test 5k this coming weekend and I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to complete the run.  At least I’ll be in a very pretty and new location so maybe that will make the run more positive if I’m not successful.

I’m trying to look at the positives – I’m sure the exercises are making me stronger and I’ve been able to basically maintain by weight within a few pounds vs continuing to gain even more – but those little successes don’t make up for the negatives right now.  I could really use some healing mojo from the Sisterhood while I go research how not to go crazy while rehabbing.

So that’s my life lately.  One of the gals in our Run with the Sisterhood Facebook group calls me “Fairy Run Mother”.  Hopefully I’ll feel like that title fits again someday.  Any tips you have to get past this would be much appreciated.

Thanks, friends.

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