Title Nine Sports Bra Fitting Review + Giveaway


Do you like your sports bra?  Love your sports bra? Love to hate your sports bra?  Do you find yourself having to double bag the girls in an effort to strap them down so they don’t smack you in the face?

Are you like many of us–constantly hunting for the perfect sports bra to hold your chest in place as you run/bike/Zumba/Crossfit/jump/hike/lift weights and more?  Maybe you have a smaller chest and still can’t find *the perfect fit*? Maybe you have a larger chest and can’t find a sports bra that fits comfortably?

I am to share with you my Title Nine sports bra fitting review and their effort to help ALL women find the sports bra of their dreams!

Title Nine offers three different ways to find the right support:

  1. Use their online Bra Genie.  The Bra Genie will take you through a series of questions and then grant you a list of sports bras to meet your wishes.
  2. Conduct a phone fitting.  I did not personally try this out but it sounds cool and like someone is just a phone call away to answer all your sports bra questions.

(Now you might be thinking to yourself: I don’t want to order online- what if it doesn’t fit?  Well, that is what the Bra Genie and the phone specialist are for- to help you find the perfect bra. However, should you order a bra (or anything else), and you are not completely satisfied, Title Nine has a 360 Guarantee.  That means if for any reason or no reason you are not happy with your purchase, you can send it round-trip within a year for an exchange or full refund. This is pretty freaking awesome!)

  1. In-store fitting. Visit a Title Nine location near you to meet with one of the sports bra specialists for a fitting.

Lucky for me, I have a Title Nine store 15 minutes from my house, so I chose to visit that location for a bra fitting.

Let me say: I love the brick and mortar Title Nine store. It is so pretty and light and airy. The clothes are bright and colorful and pretty and functional. They have workout clothes but they also have skirts and shirts and sweaters and s0 much more. I wanted ALL of the things, really.

But back to sports bras.  Like the sign says, I was here to:

The store literally had a WALL of sports bras.  To the right (for more support)…..

And to the left (for less support).

I spoke with their bra specialist and she asked me several questions (kind of like the Bra Genie from the website but in human form!).  She asked so many questions I felt like we were on a first date! What size bra did I wear? What was my main fitness activity? Did I like compression or *encapsulated* bras? Did I want more support or less support? Did I prefer a hook closure? Was underwire okay? What bras had I liked/disliked in the past? She scooted off to grab a handful of bras for me to try on, and while waiting for her to return, I saw this sign:

Your bra should never see a birthday. Smack my head! Screwed was my first thought. As in, I am screwed because all my sports bras are either approaching their first birthday or WAY past their first birthday.  No one knows my little secret, right? Ahem.

After trying a few bras on, I quickly determined my girls had grown a bit since the last time I bought a bra (that would explain the *spillage*- ha!!!). I am now firmly a 36D or DD depending on the bra. In total, I probably tried on about 8 different sports bras. My wish was to find a bra that was comfortable, supportive for my running adventures, easy to put on and take off, and did not give me the uniboob look. The store manager, a runner herself, recommended I try a Marvel Underwire Bra. It was the last sports bra I tried on and I promptly fell in love. The Marvel definitely ticked all the boxes for me.

I took my new sports bra for a run (twice, in fact!) and I absolutely ADORE it. I want to go back and buy more of this bra.

My fitting experience at the Title Nine store was top notch and I couldn’t be any happier with the personalized experience, fitting, and their recommendations.

And let’s not forget:

If you’re in the market for a sports bra (who isn’t?), then you should definitely check out Title Nine and their various methods of helping you out, whether it’s by phone, or by consulting their online Bra Genie, or visiting a retail store for a fitting with a bra specialist.

Even better, Title Nine is giving away ONE gift card to ONE lucky winner to purchase their own dreamy sports bra! Enter in the Rafflecopter widget below.


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