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I don’t need to be a member of Mensa to know one important thing; our readers here at Shrinking Jeans are remarkable. You are running marathons, when you used to only do Netflix marathons. You are working, raising children, and living a healthy lifestyle. You are reaching your weight loss goals or seeing success during the middle of your journey. We want to hear about your accomplishments, struggles, and awesomeness. Your story is important and we want to share it!

We know that your experiences are unique and they matter. Many of you have tackled obstacles to get where you are today. Have you managed to maintain your weight and live a healthy lifestyle for years? Have you overcome a health challenge or sickness? Maybe you are slaying your weight loss goals. What are your secrets? What have you learned in the process? How do you manage it all?

Each month, one reader will be showcased on the Shrinking Jeans site in our healthy living spotlight. To participate, please fill out our survey detailing information your personal journey, or you may nominate someone else. We can’t wait to hear from you!

The survey can be found here —>

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