Squeezing in Fitness When You're On the Road


Help!  You’re traveling for the holidays and your worried about NOT being able to exercise.

I get it, I really do.  Sitting for hours, legs cramped, back tight, eating crap food, sharing the air with other folks, trying to keep your kids at a mild roar, tired from lack of sleep, stressed about forgetting something.  Whether you travel by plane, train or automobile, traveling during the holidays can be stressful.

Then, you finally get to your destination and you have the social aspect to deal with. By that I mean, you are socializing with family and friends, staying the night at their houses, conversing and hanging out to wee hours of the night.  Eating and drinking and playing games. Kids staying up late, adults staying up late, shopping, entertaining, etc.  The thought of exercise can fly out the window before you even think about it.


I always, always, always feel better when I exercise when on the road. Carving out 30 minutes to squeeze in ANY amount of fitness makes me a happier person overall, even if I’m tired, even if I’m overindulging, even if dealing with family drama.  The exercise/fitness component makes it ALL better.

So how do you squeeze in the fitness when on the road?


Let me repeat myself, YOU JUST DO IT.

Do it before anyone else wakes up. Do it before your morning coffee.  Do it in your room while everyone thinks you are still asleep. If there is no way in hell you can do it in the morning, then do it throughout the day. Take a walk. Go for a run. Get your family involved. Challenge the kids to relay races. See if your gym has a location in the place you are visiting and THEN GO THERE. See if the person you are visiting has a gym membership and then go as their guest. Find a youtube video and DO IT (search *travel workouts*). Do one of the Shrinking Jeans Boot Camp Workouts.  Do the strength part of this workout, it’s a good one. Do an exercise video – ANY exercise video – as long as it gets your heart pumping.

If you are really tight on time, then do 10 squats/wall push-ups when you go to the bathroom, and increase by 5 every time you go.


The point is to DO SOMETHING and NOT NOTHING (and yes, I realize double negatives are horrible but I am trying to make a point).

Do not use the Thanksgiving holiday as an excuse to blow off exercise.

JUST DO IT– you will never regret taking 20-30 minutes for yourself – YOU DESERVE IT.

Peace, love, turkey and fitness!