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We can always find some reason for our lack of activity in a day. We have kids, household chores, work, errands to run, preparing for the Christmas celebration. We can always tell ourselves that we need to rest at the end of a long day, instead of getting some exercise. Obviously, eating happens every day, but the busier we are, the easier it is to find excuses with eating the not-so-healthy foods instead of the healthy variations. Every day, we either make things happen or make excuses.

I get it… probably better than most people.

I have spent the majority of this year making excuses for why I can’t do everything that I need to do.

But, guess what? I have turned the corner. I am making time in the evenings to do the stepper on my Wii Fit. I still get to watch mindless TV at the end of the day, but I don’t feel so guilty because I’m actually moving. I’m making a point of going to bed at a reasonable time, so I can get enough sleep. I’ve started tracking the food that I am consuming in MyFitnessPal, even when I don’t want to face the real results. It’s simple to track things and it’s free! It’s also very eye-opening. I have been tracking my foods and watching what I am eating, even though I’m still eating more sugar than I should be. I’m working on eating the protein that I am supposed to be eating, so at least I have that nutrient taken care of. I’m already seeing some results and I haven’t been putting forth a whole lot of effort with my food choices, yet. On January 1st, I will be doing another Whole30 challenge and I will get the food under control. Until then, I am just going to be conscious of my choices and TRACK EVERYTHING!

I’ve joined the KrowdFit challenges and they are making me really work at getting adequate amounts of sleep, as well as moving my body! I have moved more and slept more in the past week than I have in a month or more, so I guess this weekend when I told my son I wasn’t competitive that wasn’t really true. My competitive nature comes out when I am part of a challenge. I guess competitions are the way to go!

So… I have decided to put myself in a competition for all my goals – even if it’s in a competition with myself!

I have made enough excuses for a lifetime and now it is time to make results happen. With just being focused on my changes for the past week or so, I’m already seeing some results. It really is amazing how quick the changes can happen when we actually apply them.

Are you making excuses or making results?

Join us in our KrowdFit challenges and we can all reach our goals in a fun way!

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