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Whether you hate it or embrace, there’s no escaping social media. There are so many ways to easily (and consistently) log in to, post on, and scroll through Facebook, you virtually never go without. It’s easy to use social media as a way to mentally unplug and waste time – OR you could just turn it into another tool in your weight loss tool belt. What if next time you were scrolling through your feed you came across a motivational image that spoke to your soul? Or a conversation between people about a fitness problem that you were encountering as well? Following fitness and health related pages are a great way to weave motivation and inspiration into your FaceBook newsfeed and (hopefully!) lead you closer to your ultimate fitness goal.

Fitness Magazine

Healthy Recipes

Fitness Motivation

Fitbit for Weightloss

Marathon Maniacs

Trail Running


Daily Strength

Health and Fitness Girl Talks

Women for Tri

Daily Health Tips

The New York Times – Well – Health

100 Days of Real Food

This Mama Cooks!

Girls Gone Strong

Nerd Fitness

Tiny Buddha

Om Gal

Daily Inspiration & Motivation

3 Fat Chicks on a Diet!

Fit Yummy Mummy

Do you have a favorite page that you trust to provide you with long-lasting inspiration?

What do you look for when selecting a group to be a part of? Remember, if you can’t find a page that caters to what you want you can always start your own and serve as inspiration to others with the same interests as you!

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