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I love approaching a new year with lots of enthusiasm and hopes and dreams for a new, and better year than the past one. This past year was full of stress for me and my family, with lots of excuses to wrap around them. Just days into a fresh new year, I am looking past all the struggles and stresses of last year and making changes that will, no doubt, make for a better 2016.

I ended 2015 accomplishing ONE goal that I had set out to do-end the year without drinking soda! My last soda was August 31st and I don’t intend to have one anytime soon. In case you are counting, that’s about 125 days soda free!! (#SJNoSoda) This is a record for me, and it is one thing I did last year for which I feel truly proud. Now that I have my soda addiction under control, there are other areas in my life that I need to address.

The next area of concern is my lack of self-control when it comes to healthy eating. I am addressing this issue by following the Whole30 plan again, BUT this time I am going to follow it for 100 days!! Yes, you read that right! One hundred days of Whole30!

I started on January 1st and will finish up on April 10th. That means I will be following Whole30 through Valentine’s Day and Easter, both of which are traditionally celebrated with lots of candy and excessive amounts of sugar!! In case you aren’t familiar with Whole30, you should know, first and foremost, that sugar is HUGE NO-NO, (and veggies are huge YES-YES!!) which is precisely why I am taking this to such extreme measures! Sugar has become a huge problem for me, and I need to break up with it on a more permanent basis. Veggies and I have never been on the best of terms but I am determined we are going be friends. I’m not saying I will never consume sugar again, but for now I have a problem and I need to deal with it.

Last time I participated in Whole30, I didn’t exercise at all! This time around, I am committed to exercising consistently. I’m starting a bit slow, as I have been sick, injured lazy, and haven’t done much in terms of exercise in months. I don’t want to torpedo my progress (because hello I’ve done that plenty of times), so I am starting off with trying to get my 10K steps each day, doing the WiiFit Step Aerobics for at least 30 minutes a day, (and sadly, my legs and butt are feeling these steps!) and because I can’t put weight on my wrist still, I opted for doing one of the ab workouts that we have over in our Monthly Fitness Calendar library! And since I’m being real with you, I will just tell you my ab muscles are NOT happy with me! It hurts to laugh and it hurts to bend the wrong way! This just goes to show me how much I needed this right now. As I start conditioning and getting my body used to exercising again, I will gradually increase the types of exercise I do. I have several DVDs and tons of other workouts available right here at home, so I don’t have to spend extra money or time to go for a workout!

Another change I am making with this new year is taking time every week to read (a real book, not just Facebook or websites!). There are so many books on my bookshelves that I have never read, others that I have only read part way through, and even a few that I have read and want to re-read! Reading is a great way to take time away for myself making me happier and therefore healthier.

Spending some time each week organizing and cleaning/purging stuff we don’t need is another one of my goals for the year. I spent a lot time this past weekend cleaning and reorganizing my school area (which is also my office area). We had things in there that were just taking up valuable space, so purging them felt great! I’m sure I will need to go back through things next weekend, but I feel I made some real progress. I am really trying to clean up my house, as I am cleaning up my body.

I am also participating in the KrowdFit challenges as part of the Sisterhood KREW which help keep me motivated to move more consistently! I did pretty well on the first Fitbet step challenge, but not so great on the second one. I’m excited to see what happens with the two that started Monday – a step challenge and activity minutes challenge. KrowdFit even has weekly drawings for things like tracking your meals, and I actually won $125 for the Weekly Meals Giveaway for last week! Trying new things like KrowdFit definitely helps keep me motivated, and the chance to win money in the process is even better!

What are your goals for this new year? How are you going to achieve them? We are here to help, in whatever way we can!!

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