Kick-Off: New Weight Loss & Activity Challenges Start TODAY!


We gave you the weekend to clear the crap from the cupboards (you threw those cookies away, right?) and prepare yourself mentally for your new adventure of getting Fit & Lean in 2016… Now it’s time to step up and give it all you’ve got!

We’ve got a TON of amazing ways to lose weight and get fit in this new year with our weight loss & activity challenges, and add in our amazing around-the-clock motivation and support via our website + social media, we’ve got you totally covered. The Sisterhood always offers unparalleled support, motivation, and FUN ways to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals!

First, you need to set some clear goals. Research has shown that people who make clear resolutions are ten times more likely to stick with their goals and make those important life changes than those who don’t. Read 9 Ways to Make Your Resolutions a Reality. We’ll wait.

If your goal is:

Weight Loss

If dropping pounds is what you are aiming for, we’ve got you covered with our weight loss challenges. Losing weight has never been so fun or PROFITABLE! A brand-spanking new DietBet starts today! Lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks and win CASH!
We are also offering BONUS STAKES on our Fit & Lean in 2016 DietBet game:

Fit & Lean in 2016 Weight Loss ChallengeIf your goal is:Fitness KrowdFit – You Sweat, We Pay #shrinkingjeans #KREW

The Sisterhood has teamed up with KrowdFit to help encourage all of our readers and members to take it to the next level in 2016. Let’s face it, everyone starts off on January 1st totally gung-ho to lose the weight, eat healthy, and start exercising. We have the absolute best of intentions, but six weeks into the new year, we see people start dropping like flies.

They’re not getting the results they want to see, it’s ‘too hard’, or they just get bored. By bringing in partners like KrowdFit, we’re hoping to keep you motivated past that 6-week drop-off period and through the entire year. We want to help you FINALLY reach your goals and maintain them!!

So how does KrowdFit play into helping you stay on track and not lose interest?

Let’s face it, money talks and is a HUGE motivating factor. If you invest money in something, you’re going to stick it out and make it work, right? And if you have the opportunity to earn money for getting healthy it’s going to make you work a whole lot harder, right?


KrowdFit has weekly, monthly, and quarterly giveaways for tracking your sleep, meals, steps, and activity, where you can win up to $20,000 AND you can win multiple giveaways! Real people just like me and you are winning – check out the winners page!

We are also bringing you TWO FitBets through KrowdFit – and 4 of you on our KREW will each win $125! Both FitBets begin TODAY, last 6 weeks, and are free for you to join once you’re part of our Krew. Our Stepping Out in 2016 challenge is all about steps! The top two steppers will split the $250 pot. The Getting Lean in 2016 challenge is all about exercise minutes. The two people with the most activity minutes will split the $250 pot. You must have a Fitbit or Jawbone device to participate.

Once you join our KREW, you can also join our closed motivational support group, too! We’ve got this – together!

Read more on our partnership with KrowdFit here!

Fitness Calendar

Push-Up Challenge: Fit and Lean in 2016 #shrinkingjeans #workout #fitness #workoutcalendar #fitnesscalendarJoin our 31-Day Fit & Lean in 2016 Push-Up Challenge! Push-ups are a tried-and-true exercise that bring fantastic results to your whole body! You can find all the details and a full-sized printable calendar here!

If your goal is:


You can’t be fit & lean without eating healthfully, but starting a new diet can feel daunting. Check out our sister site: Shrinking Kitchen for inspiration, healthy recipes, and menu plans. All recipes include nutritional info to make it easier for you to keep track of your calories.

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