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I am part of an online fitness community for women 40 and over that concentrates on so many aspects of being a woman in her mid-life years and it has been a huge help to me over the past few years. Tamara sends out weekly emails with coaching instruction and workouts. She also sends out advice dealing with some of the most pesky issues of hitting mid-life for today’s women; including peri-menopause and menopause, learning how to deal with the new challenges of health and fitness as we age, the importance of lifting weights, learning how to deal with new nutrition challenges, and general topics that many younger women (myself included) never dreamed would be something to discuss. She also offers one on one Fitness Coaching, if that’s more your thing!

Tamara opens her sessions up a few times a year and you can “come and go” from the online commitment as your need comes and goes. The group fitness sessions are amazing ways to jump start your fitness, or push you past your comfort zone. It also helps get your focus back on weight training, which is a huge part of keeping our aging bodies younger than the young whipper-snapper at the gym just doing an hour of cardio a day! We need to build muscle mass to help burn those calories and keep all our bones strong and healthy and the only way to do that is with weights!

One of my favorite things about her online fitness group sessions, is her private Facebook group. Once you are part of the group, you are part of the “family” and can stay in the group and participate as much or as little as you desire. She has set up several ways for us interact with each other and stay motivated, but my favorite is our Friday Stars & Wish post. On Friday morning someone (either a participant or Tamara) posts their Star (thing they are most proud of for the week) and their Wish (thing they want to improve or work on the following week).

My Star for this week: I managed to stay SODA FREE, during a time that I would normally not think twice about drinking sodas.  As of Tuesday, I will be soda free for 6 months!! #SJNoSoda This is a new record for me and I am proud of myself for sticking with this new habit. I don’t know if I will never have soda again, but I know that it’s not something I need right now so I’m not having it.

My Wish for this week: To stick with determining which of the supplements I am taking is making a difference in my health, and to continue taking them; even though I don’t like taking supplements! Yep, I’m a brat and don’t like taking supplements. I admit it, which is the first part of growing up, right?

Do you have a Star and a Wish for the week? I would love for you to share them in the comments!!



P.S. If you wold like to participate in Tamara’s group fitness program, make sure you get your doctor’s approval. We aren’t medical doctors and don’t want you to hurt yourself, only help you improve your overall health!

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