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Everyone has to travel at one point or another in their life. Be it for business or pleasure, it’s virtually unavoidable. When we are traveling, it’s easy to go with the mentality of “what happens on vacation, stays on vacation” and pretend that overindulging in foods and skipping a workout doesn’t count. But let’s be real, it totally does! Being away from home doesn’t mean you need to be away from your personal goals. There are ways to keep yourself on track even when out of town.

Plan ahead.

This is a huge key to your success. Map out the restaurants near your hotel and look into the nutritional information ahead of time. Have a few designated places that you know have great healthy choices. Make sure to have some variety, as you will likely eat out for every meal (except for breakfast perhaps) and you don’t want to bore yourself or those you’re traveling with.

Drop-in classes!

Many many many gyms offer low rates for drop-in classes. Scope out some spots and try to get into one of your favorite classes. Or if you are in a bigger city, they might have something new and fun to try like Sky Gym, rock climbing, or trapeze classes. It’s a whole new way to get to know a different city! You can use sites such as Tripadvisor, Groupon, and Livingsocial to see what an area has to offer.

Don’t be afraid to pack your lunch.

So if all of the restaurants are extremely unhealthy and you don’t want to starve, one place you know will always have your diet-friendly options is the local supermarket. Hotels come with a mini-fridge for a reason! There are lots of yummy meals you can pick up that don’t require a kitchen.

Use Your Legs!

If you don’t have the time or motivation to workout, at least use your legs for exactly what God intended – walking! Skip the bus, taxi, metro and tour the city on foot. You will learn the smells, sounds, and sites and your tush will be thanking you! On a related note, pack comfortable shoes.

Eat With Your Brain, Not Your Eyes.

So let’s say you scoped out your restaurant options ahead of time and none really have healthy choices. Also, the mini-fridge in your room is broken and the microwave has a weird smell. Those are some very legitimate reasons to wane from your diet. But you can still do so in smart ways! Just use your noodle. Go for chicken over beef, or better yet opt for vegetarian choices. Avoid anything pasta-based or cream-based. Beware the deep fryers. Skip dessert. Ok, maybe have dessert just once.

Creating a new lifestyle is hard work and we all will falter. The most important thing is to always be moving forward. A vacation or business trip doesn’t have to spell the end of these changes, but can actually move you closer to what you want!

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