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For many people, March 17th means bar night with green beer (yuck – I’ll stick with the good stuff if I’m drinking), corned beef and cabbage, and getting pinched if you aren’t wearing green.  But what if this year you made St. Patrick’s Day your lucky day and burned some calories instead of adding a bunch?

Here are some ideas to get you moving and making smarter choices.

  1. Swap out the green beer for green tea.  For each one, you’ll save yourself 120-200+ calories and a nasty hangover in the morning.
  2. Go on a hunt for 4-leaf clovers or leprechauns with your kids.  This is an opportunity to enjoy some (hopefully) spring-like weather and get in a few extra steps.
  3. Join in a St. Patrick’s Day parade or run/walk.  Chances are there’s a 5k this weekend dedicated to wearing o’ the green.
  4. Fill your plate with green veggies instead of that salty corned beef.
  5. Make a green smoothie instead of hitting up McDonald’s for that 660 calorie Shamrock Shake.
  6. Make your own Pot of Gold.  Are you logging miles or pounds?  Give yourself a gold slip of paper for each mile traveled or pound lost and at the end of the month, trade them in for something fun and calorie free.
  7. Take a look at Pinterest for St. Patrick’s Day workouts.  I saw a fun one the other day that had a different exercise for each letter of the holiday (ie, S = squats, T = triceps dips, P = pushups, A = arm circles…you get the idea).  You decide how many reps or rounds you want to do.

St. Patrick’s Day – and really any holiday – doesn’t need to completely derail your efforts.  If you do decide to partake in the festivities, remember moderation is the key and drink your weight in water on March 18th to help flush out the nasty stuff.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  What will you do to be healthy today?

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