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Hello? Anyone there? It’s me, Crooked Eyebrow. I hope you remember me, seeing how it has been so very long since I posted here.  I’m here to run down Thursday Three with all you fine gorgeous people.  Have I told you just how wonderful you are? Not lately you say? Well you are. You know this … [Read more…]

Wait a minute Mr. Postman, did you forget about me? (I have no mail to open or answer, I feel so…lonely) WELL…It’s Mailbag Monday up in the sisterhood today. Have you noticed this new feature here at Shrinking Jeans?  It’ s where we are stoping to answer any of your questions. So, throw … [Read more…]

Well hello Tuesday, you are back so soon. Time to confess. This could be bad so I’m not gonna stall any longer. Here it goes. (hanging my head) * Ice cream. Do I need to say anymore? I love it. When it gets hot out, I feel the need to eat it. Even worse? Dairy Queen double fudge cookie … [Read more…]

I think 2010 has been the year of the cupcake. Everywhere I look I see them on clothing, jewelry, aprons and heck, even bloggy meet ups. Hence, I crave them. So while on a search for a lower fat cupcake I stumbled upon this sweet idea, a diet soda cupcake. Which after reading several different … [Read more…]

Oh look, it’s Tuesday! You know what that means, right? We confess, we air our dirty laundry and we move on. We move on and don’t let those poor judgments hold us back. Yes, if you had a lot of frappuccinos this week , you too can move on. It just might take a few more minutes on the … [Read more…]

Can I be honest? Yes, you say? Why thank you…(kisses) I have been lacking motivation. There. Phew, I said it. It’s off my chest now. Do any of you need to get that off yours too?  (please do and we will re-group together) I’ll spare the excuses (because I’m good at them). It is what … [Read more…]