Packing Healthy Lunches For You and Your Family


The other day, a coworker of mine spotted me heating up my lunch, and she commented, “I’m just so inspired that you bring your lunch to work every day. That’s so much better than eating out.” I was a bit flattered by the compliment, to be sure, but I was more surprised than anything. Bringing my

8 Ways to Up Your Fruit and Veggie Intake

How many fruits and veggie servings PER day do you consume? Be honest – I will not judge you. My consumption of the all-important fruits and vegetables food pyramid category has been slim to none over the last few months. It pains me to even write that because I actually like fruits and …

Taking Control of Diabetes

In 2009, my husband and I received disturbing news. My 27-year-old husband was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Also known as adult-onset diabetes, it usually occurs in adults who generally are making poor eating choices and/or poor exercise choices. It didn’t seem to be a stretch that Kyle would …

Tale of a Sugar Coma

The month of January and first part of February I followed Whole30 to help figure out some of my health related issues. Because of this special diet, I consumed NO SUGAR for a month and a half. After the first week, it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I expected and I felt pretty amazing.

Easter Candy By The Numbers

So, it’s Easter. A holiday blended with religious and secular traditions. And candy. Lots of Easter candy. Today, you’re busy with friends and family and lots of food. You’ll either make ‘good’ choices or you won’t. I put ‘good’ in quotations because it’s alright to indulge every once in a while.

Teaching My Toddler Healthy Habits

Tomorrow, my little girl turns three. She’s a sparkly princess, a glittering dancer who loves music and reading, and she’s already got the signs of being a lover of all arts. We celebrate the baby she was, the beautiful girl she is, and the woman she will become. As she grows, she’s starting


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