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About thirteen months ago, I had a baby. And since it has been so long since she arrived, I can no longer cry ‘its BABY WEIGHT!’ (it kind of is…) Basically, I’ve kind of had my head in the sand regarding my weight creeping upward, or hovering, but not going down, at all. After seeing […]

I’ve been up since 7 am. Dogs out. Make coffee. Kids breakfast. My breakfast.  Make husband’s lunch. Playtime for kiddos while I organize/clean garage. Nap for the babe. Five loads of laundry (three year old had an accident last night), washed, dried, folded, put away. Beds made. Load the kids in the car. Haircut for […]

The truth? Food and fitness-wise, things are ugly around here. I’m hanging out in this post-baby rut and I’m searching for a way out, but so far, no dice. Every night I tell myself: You’ll do better tomorrow. Better food choices. You’ll go for a run. But inevitably, I’m stressed or tired, and healthy choices […]

It’s Monday. The start of a new week.  And for me, officially the start of my long journey to drop the baby weight. My daughter was born five weeks ago today…it’s time to start getting back into shape. Fortunately, I’ve already made a large dent in my baby gain. Unfortunately, most of that loss has […]

Normally my true confessions posts consist mainly of embarrassing choices regarding food. Today, I’m going a different direction. I’m going to talk about my feelings. Buckle up. I’m pregnant and emotional and its not pretty. In less than three weeks, unless baby decides to come early, I will be a mother of two. And truthfully? […]

Ah yes. I love True Confessions SO MUCH. Especially when I’ve been eating like a machine. I know, I’m pregnant, I get to eat a little more than usual. Problem is, I’m eating A LOT more than usual. I am ravenous, all the time. I’m trying to keep it healthy and protein heavy, but I’ve […]

First confession? I forgot that I have True Confessions today. Which even though I am pregnant and have the ‘I’m sharing my brain’ excuse, is still pretty pathetic because I write the calendar! How embarrassing for me. Sorry everyone…consider this a late morning/midday surprise! Ahem. Okay, now on to the dirt. I will frame my […]

Watch any movie or television show where a pregnant woman is involved, and I bet you a million dollars there will be a scene with said woman hunched over the kitchen table with a half gallon of ice cream and some dill pickles. Or nudging her ever obliging and caring husband awake at 2:30 am […]

This week, I am 21 weeks pregnant. Just past halfway. And can I just say? I’m sitting here, reading everyone’s posts about the Power of One, about their upcoming races and honestly? I’m so jealous. I miss a good hard workout. How free I feel when I’m running. Not walking around in a constant state […]

Hello Sisterhood readers. It’s time for the Mailbag Monday segment with your running questions. This week we’ll look briefly at two questions from Sisterhood members and see if we can clarify some things. Our first question comes from Karena and goes like this: “I’m power walking the Disney half marathon in January, and am looking […]

So, a couple of weeks ago, I was on an email thread and we started talking about Fitbloggin. Which I had been planning to attend, and had in fact purchased a ticket back in August. But in that email thread, I said that I wouldn’t actually be able to go. Cause I had a ‘conflict’. […]

As most of you know, the old adage, “eating for two” isn’t really what you should be doing.  In fact, if you are pregnant with a single child you only need an average of 300 more calories per day.  I learned, the hard way, with my second pregnancy that caving to every craving, and “eating […]

Once upon a time… Oops, wrong audience…(Too much toddler-influenced Shrek) Hello there, Sisters!  Wait, wait before you start throwing your rotten tomatoes at me and chanting for your regular sisters, I am not a troll that has hijacked the Shrinking Jeans website.  I am one of you, I am a tried and true real sister. […]