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Posted by Support on November 24, 2008

It’s okay, I can accept it.

Except I can’t.

The truth is, when I can’t find something to wear before heading out with family or friends, I want to crawl into my bed and eat cookies and ice cream.

Why is it that when we are down about our weight, that we eat MORE?  What a vicious cycle.

So, here I am, on my first,  no, second, no, THIRD weight loss site.  Hey, don’t judge, just because it’s my third, doesn’t mean the others were failures, in fact, they were quite successful, which is why I’m doing it again.

I have a whole big long story about why I’m back here, overweight again, and I’ll be sure to tell it over time, it’s a sad story to tell, but I’ll tell it because it’s ME.  But for now, I’ll tell you some basics about myself.

Today I weighed in at 182.8.

Last Sunday night, I weighed 189.9.  In the past week, I did not count points or starve myself, I just monitored my bad habits and ended them.  What were my bad habits?  Snacking, snacking and a huge bowl of ice cream every single night.  I thought there was no way I could say good bye to that ice cream, but on Monday, I took all of my ice cream and ran hot water into the container and watched it go down the sink.

And two weeks ago, I took all of our halloween candy, put it into a bag and crushed it with a hammer.  That’s the way I do things, I make a decision and I rid of the problem because otherwise, I can not be trusted near the chocolate.  I learned a long time ago that eating something to get rid of it is just as wasteful and throwing it into the garbage disposal.  The only difference is that it doesn’t get stuck on my thighs.  Which is a beautiful thing.

I’ve been on this road before, I’ve lost and kept off a ton of weight and it’s time to do it again.  I have to remember that nothing is worth tossing a few girl scout cookies into my mouth.  Nothing is better than waking up in the morning and see your weight stay the same or even better…drop.

There is no chocolate in the world that taste as good as skinny (healthy) feels.  I promise.

I don’t want to lose a lot of weight, I just want to get down to a 165 pounds.  To some of you, 165 pounds seems pretty heavy, but on me, I have learned that 165 is my 125.  I’m tall and I have muscles…wanna fight?

One other thing about me?  I make no excuses.  I have Hashimotos Disease, I am grieving, I am stressed and I love food, but there is still no reason for me to be eating without caring.

I’m here to win and by win, I mean lose.

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