Motivation Monday – 2/3 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


You ready for some quotes? Oh, I’ve got quotes… Supposing you have tried and failed again and again.  You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call “failure” is not the falling down, but the staying down.  ~Mary Pickford As I read through several weigh in posts on Wednesday, […]

When you’re dealing with an injury, or multiple injuries, it really messes with your mind. You’re supposed to be resting up so your body can heal. Resting equals idle body. Idle body equals mind that has way too much time to think about the idle body and how much it’s driving you insane to be […]

Lately, things for me have been one of those times that life has just happened.  I’ve had this to do or that to do OR this has happened and that has happened.  So, some things have had to give, which mainly means work outs. Truth is, with everything that has been going on, I just […]

Can I be honest? Yes, you say? Why thank you…(kisses) I have been lacking motivation. There. Phew, I said it. It’s off my chest now. Do any of you need to get that off yours too?  (please do and we will re-group together) I’ll spare the excuses (because I’m good at them). It is what […]

I had a little bit of a mental breakdown the other day.  I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed with life in general and I’ve been reading time management books and thinking about what I can do to change my life. I was walking around the house trying to figure out how to finish the sentence “I […]

I’m fresh off my trip to Fitbloggin’ (which explains the lateness of this post, because HELLO, I haven’t slept in days and need to catch up!), and I am bursting at the seams with motivation. Let me share a some of my motivation with you! Motivation is finally meeting some of the amazing Sisters you’ve […]

Last week, we played catch-up, and if you haven’t seen that, then feel free to take a look at projects of Mondays past and catch up! In fact, if you do catch up, just link up in Friday’s post with all the other link-ups, but tell us in the comments which project you’ve done so […]

I faced my fear this weekend. I swam in the open ocean, in 60 degree water, in my wetsuit. A double whammy. (The cold and the ocean.) No big deal, right? Oh, it was to me. Because my very last swim was a disaster. It was back in October where I bobbed up and down – going […]

Welcome to the Monday Project Link-Up!! This week was all about catching up on projects past because even I, who writes the post every week, missed posting a project. And before we get ahead of ourselves with some really cool new projects, we wanted to give all our newbies and procrastinators  a shot at being able to […]

We’ve been playing along with the Monday Project since the first week of January here at the Sisterhood and that means we are in WEEK 10 of Monday Projects! Wow!! We’ve had a lot of awesomeness come out of them, too, with some pretty memorable projects and a lot of soul-searching along the way. There was […]

This weekend, I went for my long run for Team in Training.  Most runs, I let my mind go blank, forgetting about stresses and troubles and to-do lists at home.  I let my mind go free from all of it, letting my iPod pound out good music in my ears. And this weekend’s run was […]

My own motivation has been a little lax lately.  There’s no real reason…it just happens every once in a while.  You’re coasting along and every thing is hunky dory.  Suddenly, you realize that you are sitting like a bump on a log, you haven’t exercised in a week and yes you did eat a whole […]

When my husband was out of town last weekend, I missed a ride with my triathlon group because I didn’t have anyone to watch the kids. (I used the bike trainer in my living room instead.) And that was just fine with me, it was freakin cold outside and after everyone got done with the […]

Most Sundays, my parents make the 1 1/2 hour drive south to our house to visit, maybe help us out with a house project, and have dinner. I love seeing them, even though I’m pretty sure the main draw for them is the grandkid. (Okay, not pretty sure, I’m positive. My mom flat out TELLS […]

By show of hands (and I want them raised high because I can see you.  Yes I can.), how many of you are afraid to fail?  How many of you that are afraid to fail, then avoid things BECAUSE you are afraid you’ll fail?  Or give yourself a hard time for failing? It really hurts […]