Sister Spotlight – 2/5 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


This week’s spotlight focuses on Kirsten. I love, love this woman. Not only is she one tough and speedy chick, she is an awesome mother and a great friend. I am counting down the days until she and her family show up on my doorstep in Bismarck in a few months! Name: Kirsten Blog: Running […]

Good morning, Sisterhood! Thea has chosen Heather A. for the spotlight this week and I must say she is very deserving. She and her husband, Ryan, rocked our Olympics last month and were a force to be reckoned with! From Thea: She is an amazing mom of 4 and athlete who is training for her […]

Happy Sunday! You all read about the superbly awesome JEN last week, right? Well, this week she is choosing to hand the ‘light over to our very own writer, Thea! I can’t say enough about Thea. Not only is she beautiful with legs that are a mile long, she is one feisty mama with an […]

Good morning, everyone! I am happy to announce the next recipient of the Sister Spotlight –Jen! She is an amazing woman and I am honored to call her a friend! From Jen: Thanks Britt!! You are an awesome sister and it has been a pleasure getting to know you! I love the Sisterhood and the […]

Hey, hey! Did you read all about our girl, Monica last week? We had a blast getting to know her better! This week, the spotlight was handed over to Britt! Congrats, girl! Name: Brittany Staires Blog: Twitter: @gettinfitbritt Age: 24, soon to be 25 Hometown: Lafayette, La– but soon to be living in Austin, […]

Last week, the spotlight was on our lovely social sister, Colleen. Today, she passes the limelight on to the beautiful Monica B.! Thanks for giving us a peek into your life, Monica! Name: Monica B. Blog: Twitter: @MonicaBenavidez Age: 25 Hometown: San Antonio, TX Tell us about your family: My family means the world […]

Last week, we got to know Joanna and this week she is passing the privilege on to Colleen! Colleen is our very own Social Sister and we just love her! Name: Colleen Blog: Twitter: tryn2bfit Age: 27 Hometown: Boston Tell us about your family. I have my peanut she is 18 months old and […]

From Christie O.: I was on the road last week for 12 hours so I didn’t get to check in until Monday and I almost fell down when I saw my name for the spotlight! OK, I was sitting so I didn’t fall down, but I did cry! So thanks Roo, for all your kind […]

Straight from Roo: I was floored when I saw I was picked for the Sister Spotlight. I’ve been around the hood here for a while and there are so many sisters that have been inspirational, helpful and motivational to me. I truly love them all. They may be my online friends but I call them […]

Last week’s spotlight was Tirah, a phenomenal woman who is a huge support here at the Sisterhood! This week was her choice of who to spotlight, and I’m happy to say she chose yet another terrific lady, one who I am lucky enough to call a good friend! Take it away, Tirah: I was completely […]

This week, Jamee from A New Kind of Normal has chosen one of my favorite and one of our most supportive Sisters!! Congratulations, Tirah. I can honestly say that I was completely blown away when I opened my reader and saw last week’s Sister Spotlight! I’m sure it gets said every week but my jaw […]

This week, Barb had the honor of choosing the next awesome lady (or man) to be in the spotlight here at the Sisterhood! From Barb: I know everyone else says this, but I was completely surprised to see that I was nominated last week for the Sister Spotlight.  Thanks so much to Shera!  I can […]

Congrats again to last week’s excellent choice of spotlight, Shera! Here is what she had to say: I just finished my classes for the semester on the 17th, and the ball of tension I’ve been feeling for entirety of finals time was finally unwinding itself when I saw the sister spotlight. Thank you very much […]

Last week’s deserving spotlight was Renee , so this week the choice was all hers. Take it away, Renee! I am so honored to have been chosen for the Sisterhood Spotlight! The Sisterhood has been so supportive of me during my journey to healthy living. I love ya’ll! Now it is time for me to […]

Good morning! This morning it’s Deb’s chance to spotlight a sister (and have I mentioned how glad I am that she was chosen to shine in the spotlight last week, she’s so awesome!) I have to say her choice this week is  a great one! Wow! I couldn’t have been more surprised if someone had told […]