Run the ‘Hood ’11 – 2/2 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Helllllloooooo there, couch-to-5k’ers! You didn’t think I forgot about you, did you? Never! Okay, well, maybe a little. But only because I have been totally busy finding the best deals ever on furniture, and then I got a little sidetrack and moved furniture and started a million projects on my main floor. PHEW. I’m tired. […]

It’s that time of the week to cleanse the soul and confess our sins since last Tuesday. I have one great big thing to confess. It was a holiday weekend. It was kind of the official end of the summer weekend. We had three parties and I drank at every one of them. Stupid I […]

I love getting new workout clothing and fitness items. I love it even more when I get a discount. Enter The Clymb. I first heard of the site when digging through my Fitbloggin swag in 2010. I actually just set the information aside, until one day when Christy mentioned it to me and I finally […]

On our ‘out-to-eat’ nights, I give my kids the choice to pick we’re going, and 9 times out of 10 they choose SUBWAY! It makes me happy to know that my kids look at SUBWAY as a treat, as somewhere FUN to go out to dinner! What also makes me happy is SUBWAY is now […]

I came across my first Bondi Band last summer at the expo for the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 marathon I was participating in, and my running ‘do was forever-changed. There were literally hundreds of stretchy bands to choose from with so many different slogans and colors. I appropriately chose a headband adorned with […]

Good morning, Couch-to-5K’ers! How’s it going? Did you survive Week 1? Or maybe you are just finding us and getting ready to lace up your shoes for the first time? Week 1 went excellent for me. I was surprised, really. Yesterday, I set out on my Week 2, Day 1 workout. The runs increase to […]

With the promise of Fall just around the corner, my family is gearing up for one of our favorite cool weather activities! Making S’mores! The foundation of our s’mores is New Morning Organic Honey Grahams, a product brought to us by Attune Foods. New Morning Graham Crackers were the first organic graham crackers on the […]

Is it just me or is there an awful lot of whining going on over at Twitter? Day after day after day. It got so bad one day, I actually thought about deleting my Twitter account. Of course, I thought about the Tworkout and decided against that idea. I laid low for a couple of […]

You have probably heard that we are putting on a race in October– Run the ‘Hood Virtual 5K/10K & Kids’ Run. It’s for anyone, really, walkers/runners/woggers… any age, any ability. I’ve now finished 3 half-marathons and several smaller races, but I’ve never had a race where I am able to consistently run {slow jog?} for […]

On Saturday, October 22nd, we’ll lace up our shoes for another awesome Sisterhood Virtual Race! This year, we’ll all run our own race, in our own place, at our own pace! Registration is now open, and we’ll begin the Couch to 5K and Couch to 10K programs this weekend! Yeah, we like to plunge in […]