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I know I can’t be the only one slightly obsessed with reading race reports, right? We have decided it would be awesome to have them listed all in one place so that we can hop around to read each one. So, whether you just completed your first 1/2 marathon or your tenth 5K, we want to know about it! … [Read more…]

A couple of weekends ago, I had a breakthrough run. I really, really needed this breakthrough because I had a long string of disappointing workouts leading up to it and I was beginning to doubt and question myself and I was ready to quit. My breakthrough was a sub-30 minute 5k run during a … [Read more…]

Psssst…can I tell you a secret? I’m not a big fan of working out. (ducks the rotten tomatoes) I’ve never really been a big fan of working out. I know that I have to. And I know that it’s good for me. But I don’t usually get that sense that endorphins are rushing through my body or that I’m … [Read more…]

We’re excited to announce Coach Joe English, our Virtual Team in Training Coach for Team Shrinking Jeans, will now be a regular contributor here at the Sisterhood! You can send your questions about running to [email protected], we’ll pass them on to Coach Joe, and he’ll post his answers as … [Read more…]

What’s white and black and AWESOME ALL OVER? My Bondi Bands. And yes, I say that in plural. Because I have 4. Here’s my collection (so far):  But only one of those was given to me by the wonderful people at  Bondi Band, as well as the rest of Team Shrinking Jeans, when we met Bondi Band in San … [Read more…]

It seems like running is all the rage right now! And nothing makes me happier than to see Sisters (and Brothers) out there lacing up their running shoes and hitting the pavement. Running is good for you, it’s fun (once you get past those first seemingly impossible weeks of C25K), and can lead you … [Read more…]

Days spent training: 126 Funds raised for the LLS by Team Shrinking Jeans: $43,725.65 Funds raised by all San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll TNT participants: over $12 million Miles ran/walked: over 200 Toenails lost: 2.5 and growing Injuries and tears shed: so many Laughs, hugs, and smiles: Far … [Read more…]

So, this isn’t going to be the typical Saturday Review. I have this little 1/2 marathon, ahem, TOMORROW and I have been on a quest to find the perfect bottoms to wear for my 3-hour-ish run/walk. I have this awesomely cute skort from BornFit that I adore, only when I run, it rides up my … [Read more…]

Today is National Running Day, a day we celebrate our love-hate relationship with running with people all across the country! What perfect timing, as me and the other 13 members of Team Shrinking Jeans are busy packing and taking care of last-minute details before we head out west to San Diego for … [Read more…]

Ahhhhh yes.  Summertime is upon us.  Which can only mean one thing.  Swimsuit time Will I ever wear a bikini again? Probably not since the last time I wore one was over 15 years, before 3 pregnancies, and a *few* pounds less.  I’m still searching for that miracle bathing suit that lifts the “girls”, … [Read more…]

We are in the middle of celebrating our self-proclaimed Sisterhood Running Month, around here at Shrinking Jeans, and it’s going wonderfully. So many women, and men, have stepped up and Run a Mile with us, and others are finally dipping their feet into the proverbial running waters. For us at the … [Read more…]

We’re continuing our celebration of Sisterhood Running Month and our “How To” series with a post on the most common running injuries. Be sure to check out Part I and Part II of our running series. Running injuries are something lots of us here at the Sisterhood have dealt with as we’ve trained for … [Read more…]

I’m not sure what you guys think of those of us who write for Shrinking Jeans. I’m not sure if you think “wow, those chicks have their #$#@% together all of the time…. they know exactly what to write and when to write it….they are so awesome….they are pillars of strength when it comes to … [Read more…]

The Athlete’s Kitchen Copyright: Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD May 2010 Protein, Carbs & Endurance Performance: Finding the Right Balance If you are curious about how to best fuel for endurance exercise, here are some tips presented at the 27th Annual SCAN* Symposium, April 2010.  The … [Read more…]

**Updated – Congrats to our six winners! See below! Did you read Part II in our series on running? If not, go do it now. I’ll wait. Okay! You’re back! We are giving away a few of our favorite things to SIX of our readers! Each prize package will consist of: A $10 iTunes gift … [Read more…]