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All of us here at the Sisterhood want to give a huge shout of congratulations to Brian, our beloved Brother in shrinkage, for the newest addition to his beautiful family. His lovely wife, one of my dear friends, Beth gave birth to a bouncing baby boy yesterday, March 29th. Head on over to Beth’s to […]

The Gruve is a weight loss management system that helps you lose weight by helping you making small, sustainable changes in your daily activities. It does this by creating daily activity “Green Goals”. These goals are not your normal exercise based goals, rather they are NON-exercise based goals. You meet these goals simply by moving […]

…that we have a birthday in the house!!!!  That’s right, today is our very own Brian’s Birthday!!  I have to say that when I first found the Sisterhood, I was surprised to see a guy blogging with a bunch of girls, but you know…he’s the best damn guy us bunch of blogging girls could ask […]

Right now, I’m sitting on our patio, overlooking the pool and the ocean. My son has finally passed out for naptime after fighting it for nearly an hour. It’s about 80 and there are about five books staring at me from the deck chair to my right. So, I’m not going to write a whole […]

Sound the alarms, it’s weigh-in day! Last week, Heather described my trek to the scale so perfectly in her weigh-in post that I laughed out loud as I took every step in the perfect way in which she described. Something about heading to the scale, looking at the numbers with our “scrunched up eyes”, naked and after having […]

This time last week I was in KY drinking too much beer. Tonight i’m just drinking lemonade. I should be drinking water. I wont’ drink any more lemonade tonight. Did you know that in KY guys impress girls by revving their truck engines and the louder your truck, the more desirable you are ? I […]

after all was said and done last week, I lost 4lbs.. which I’m happy with. I hope to do something close to that this week, though we are going to KY to celebrate my neice’s 3rd birthday. Parties are tough- I can do it though !