Melissa S. – 2/3 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


For those of you who follow us writers here at The Sisterhood, my name is Melissa. I’ve been with the SJ crew now for almost nine months and have yet to tell my story. Most writers use their first post to introduce themselves and talk about where they’ve come from, why they’re doing what they’re doing, […]

Are you ready? Excited? Nervous? Dreading it? Ready or not, here it comes. That’s right. The Couch-to-5k program starts TOMORROW! It’s time to dig within yourself and awaken your inner walking or running beast. Take it one day at a time, putting one foot in front of the other. I know, it’s WAY easier said […]

Last week, I touched on the issue of muscle soreness after new or difficult workouts, and provided different ways to alleviate the stiffness and discomfort. This week, I’d like to talk about sore muscle’s cousin: muscle cramps (and spasms). If you’re like me, you’ve been there: peacefully dreaming in the middle of the night, when, […]

Strenuous workouts can illicit feelings of euphoria, immortality, and world domination. While these feelings may be short-lived, another less-desired result of grueling exercise can hit you the next day and linger longer than welcome. This often unavoidable outcome is that of muscle soreness. Perhaps you have felt this in the last week by participating in […]

Let’s have a little talk about my favorite food on the entire planet. I could eat this morning, noon, and night and never ever get tired of it…at least I don’t think I could. Native to Mexico, it boasts over 80 different types with the largest American grove residing in California. This particular gem in […]

There’s nothing quite like standing at the top of a mountain. The air is thinner, your legs are screaming, and it’s a long way back down to the bottom. The ‘negatives,’ however, are undeniably trumped by the indescribable panorama around you, and the feeling of triumph and success at conquering this vast obstacle course, courtesy […]

We’ve all gone through hard times. Some may have been the equivalent of the dog chewing up your favorite running shoes, which initially seems detrimental but ultimately isn’t so so bad. Others may be the equivalent of a personal loss that stays with you for a very long time. And still others may seem to […]

Think about something thing you love about yourself physically. Now think about something you’d like to change. Which one came to mind quicker? If I were to bet, I’d put my money on the latter. In the American society and culture, women have an image of what a perfect body is and constantly compare themselves […]

There’s really nothing better than fresh vegetables. Except for when you grow them yourself. That extra little touch of TLC and knowing exactly where your food came from makes gardening such a rewarding hobby. I can say that, because as of, well, two days ago, I am a self-proclaimed organic gardener; I’m going to go […]

Summer means it’s time for skinny dippin’….no not that kind. I’m referring to the dishes you take to a picnic, a barbecue, or pull out for a snack at home. It’s dip season. And that can mean heavy, thick, creamy dips (which can be delicious, but not ideal for swimsuit season), or fresh, vegetable-filled dips […]

Let’s talk oil. You don’t slather it on your skin. You don’t swallow it by the spoonful. And you don’t soak your food (or yourself) in it. With oil pulling, you swish it. Yep. In your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes. (Insert imminent ‘that’s what she said’ joke here) This Ayurvedic method has been […]

As the medical world merges with technology and science, the information and studies produced tell us much more about our bodies today than in the past. More people understand why their bodies react a certain way and are able to recognize a symptom versus a common bodily function. This has led to the education and […]

It is known as royalty among its counterparts, often referred to ask the ‘queen’ or ‘king’ of greens. You can put it in a smoothie, juice it, make chips of it, use it as a wrap, put it in a salad, or just eat it as is. I am, of course, talking about KALE. Kale, […]

For some, it’s turned on full-speed like a kid who has eaten too much sugar and put in a bouncy castle. For others, it’s like a misplaced set of keys – you know you have them, you’re just not sure where. And then for some, it has gone completely AWOL, and merely the faintest memory of it […]

I plead guilty (but so do you). We’ve all done it. Consciously or not. We’ve gone a day without eating our superfood veggies. *Gasp!* And, while we may be juuuuuuuuust fine, going many days or not eating an adequate amount of them can be detrimental to your health. Too busy to make a salad? Don’t […]