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Marci Lall is a nationally recognized weight loss and body sculpting specialist, certified personal trainer (CPT) and the author of the internationally popular e-book – The Rebound Workout. Go to to claim your FREE “Permanent Weight Loss Starter Kit”. When Marci offered to put … [Read more…]

Hey Shred the Second-ers!  How’s it going?  Are you still Shredding?  Have you fallen off the Shred wagon?  You know it’s okay if you have, just get back on the wagon! Brooke is one of our Shredding newbies, and today, she’s going to let us know what she thinks about The Shred! Hi, I’m Brooke – a … [Read more…]

Hey all of you Shredders!!  We’re in Day 3 of Shred the Second!  How are you doing?  I don’t know why but I am WAY more sore this time!  Anyway, today we have another Shredding newbie’s thoughts for you!  Tirah has  volunteered to tell us about herself and give us her thoughts on Day 3.  Enjoy! My … [Read more…]

Well, here we are into Round #2 of the 30 Day Shred!!  Shredding pro, Lisa posted about Day 1 of round #2!  But when we decided to do a second round of the Shred, we wanted to get a Shred virgin’s point of view on the pain most excellent work out that is the Shred.  Allison has volunteered to be our … [Read more…]

Awhile back, we were given the chance to review a great product called ToeSox. From the ToeSox site: So what is a foot revolution? The liberation of your feet. The ability to spread your toes. Wiggle room. Spacious, breathing, strong, enlightened feet. Our Yoga-Pilates ToeSox with our patented … [Read more…]

No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others.  The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.  ~Author Unknown First off, let me say CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who posted their numbers on Wednesday. Whether you gained, lost, or maintained, it takes a … [Read more…]

I’m not the type of person who fishes for compliments. I do what I do here at the Sisterhood because I love it. It fulfills me. It makes me happy to know I’m providing motivation for someone else. I’ve even made some really wonderful friends here. Friends I cannot imagine my life without! April is … [Read more…]

One of the biggest traps that you can fall into when you are on a weight loss journey is to worry too much about how far you have to go. What about focusing on how far you’ve come? Brian touched on this a little on Monday when he shared his Wii Fit weight chart. I’ve been keeping a weight graph … [Read more…]

I have known Danelle since we went to high school together in a small town in south central Idaho. We have kept in touch via Facebook and Myspace the last couple of years and I have been simply amazed at the transformation that took place in this lovely woman during the last year. I asked Danelle if … [Read more…]

Shrinking? Hell no. Growing and wearing elastic pants? Hell yes. I’m just being honest, ya’ll. The only reason I’m even writing this post is because Christy guilted me into it. Thanks hooka’. How are you shrinking, girl? Anyhoo, the holidays have been all about excess, in all food forms. There … [Read more…]

This post is brought to you by Lisa Mo’, one of our new contributors! She’ll be around, posting more of her thoughts, as she prepares to get on the Shrinking Jeans bandwagon for good. ……9 weeks ago, to be exact. Some women are fortunate enough to lose the baby weight with little to no thought … [Read more…]