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Our latest health, fitness, and weight loss challenge has come to an end. I hope that each and every one of you had minor {or major} victories during the month of May, and are feeling good about your progress, no matter what your goals were. What’s next you ask? We are busy hashing out our next … [Read more…]

What did that say up there? The FINAL check-in? May is OVER? You have had 31 days to fine-tune yourself, reach your goals, and dig deep. What is the outcome? Are you pleased with all you have accomplished? Did you give this challenge all you had? First off, we love feedback, so down in those … [Read more…]

Hey there! We are entering the final phase of our latest health, fitness, and weight loss challenge. Can you believe it? Are you staying strong and focused? I sure hope so! Remember the CLICK’n giveaway we were having? We have our two winners: Tirah! Jen from Losing the Shadow! For the … [Read more…]

Hello! Did you have a good week? I’m going to make this short and sweet, because I have a plane to catch and I may or may not be done packing! I am heading to Fitbloggin’, so if you will be there, make sure you come say hi! A lot of you seem to have dropped of the face of the planet as this … [Read more…]

Wow, it’s hard to believe we’re already just over halfway through this challenge, isn’t it?!  How is everyone doing on meeting their goals?  So far, so good for me!  I’ve been drinking my water, tracking my food, and getting in my steps each day on my pedometer.  With all the walking I’ll likely be … [Read more…]

I just LOVE to see the progress being made around here! We have now completed the second week of the challenge and everyone deserves a pat on the back! Who will take the lead this week?? Let’s take a look! For the LOSERS, we have the Weight-loss Leaderboard! {%s lost are cumulative … [Read more…]

Today’s mantra is brought to you by our most awesome social sister, Colleen! Read more from Colleen here and make sure you join us on the ‘hood tonight for SisterChat! I cannot believe we are entering into our second week of May already! How did your first week of the May your way challenge … [Read more…]

The new May Your Way challenge is turning out to be totally awesome. So many things to try and join in on. I was sad to miss Sisterhood Chat on Monday, but as I type this, I am waiting to join Happy Hour. But when I found out I was going to be the one to write the inaugural Eff It Friday, I was … [Read more…]

Goooood morning! How are you all? I am so happy to see that so many of you are off to such a great start at achieving your goals for this challenge! We were only 3 days in on our first check-in yesterday and WOW! Give yourselves a big pat on the back! Are you ready to see who our leaders are this … [Read more…]

Good morning!! How are you? How is it going? While we haven’t had a full week of tackling May OUR Way yet, we are now 3 days in! Are you sticking with your goals? Having fun getting to know one another? We had our inaugural SisterChat on Monday night at the ‘hood and I have to say I LOVED IT! … [Read more…]

As I sit here and look out my window and see the blowing trees and the white stuff covering the ground {again}, I am finding it really hard to believe that today is May 1st. I have double and triple-checked my calendar, and it assures me that it is indeed, the first day of May. You know what this … [Read more…]

April showers bring May flowers… and a new challenge here at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans! That’s right! May 1st marks the beginning of a brand new challenge, so grab some motivation, start thinking about your goals, and begin planning for that new swimsuit you will be showing off come … [Read more…]