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Alright, ladies and gent(s), it’s Wednesday so you know what that means! Glee is on tonight! No wait, sorry.  That’s not why we’re here.  Silly me!  We’re here to weigh in!! Go jump on those scales and then come back and tell us how you did.  Do you have something to celebrate?  Did you … [Read more…]

Good morning, Sisters and Brother! It is the Wednesday after a major (U.S.) food-centered holiday and, as I’ve read, there were also birthdays (Brian!) and children’s birthdays and husband’s birthdays going on this past weekend, and well, it’s been an eating nightmare to many people this past … [Read more…]

Sound the alarms, it’s weigh-in day! Last week, Heather described my trek to the scale so perfectly in her weigh-in post that I laughed out loud as I took every step in the perfect way in which she described. Something about heading to the scale, looking at the numbers with our “scrunched up … [Read more…]

You guys thought we forgot about weigh-in today, huh? Of course we didn’t forget.  We just wanted to prolong it as long as possible. So yeah, go ahead and do that favorite Wednesday morning (or afternoon or evening) thing that you like to do called WEIGH-IN.  The only time this is my favorite … [Read more…]

Week One of our Shrink-A-Versary Extravaganza challenge is dead and gone. How did you do? For those of you that celebrate Halloween, did you keep control of yourself around all that candy? I know I didn’t. Halloween is evil. Especially with four kids and ALL THAT CANDY. How are our EA Sports 5K … [Read more…]

Hello fellow Shrinkers! Can you believe we’re four weeks into the Shrink for Good Challenge? And on the final week of the EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge? Man, time sure flies when you’re having fun…or not (I’m having fun, I promise.  I just LOVE kick backs). So, you know the drill. Hop on your … [Read more…]

Another week down in the Shrink For Good Challenge! Are you keeping up with the goals you’ve set for yourself?  Are you seeing the results you hoped for? If you are doing the EA Sports Active Challenge, are you keeping up with your workouts?  Is the scale headed in the right direction? Go jump on … [Read more…]

Good morning Sisters and Brothers!  It’s Weigh-In Wednesday!  Lots to talk about this week, so settle in! First, today is the end of our 21 Day Challenge.  We challenged you to challenge yourselves to create healthy new habits for 21 days.  How did you do?  Did you create healthy new habits?  Will … [Read more…]

Holy cow, is it THAT day already?  Weigh-in day?  You better believe it!! First, how’s the 21 Day Challenge going?  You are participating in it, aren’t you?  (You better be!) How is it going?  Are those new and healthy habits forming?  I’ll be they are! Okay, sisters and brothers, it’s time.  Love … [Read more…]

Good morning Sisters and Brothers! It’s weigh-in day here at the Sisterhood, so rub the sleep out of your eyes, dust off your scales and step on. How’s it looking? Is it a good number? Are you shrinking? We sure hope so! Yesterday we started a brand new challenge, and this time we’re doing things a … [Read more…]

Have you heard the old saying ‘it takes 21 days to form a new habit’? Well, we’re going to test it out here at the Sisterhood! We’re going to see if we can successfully form new habits over the next three weeks, and we’re going to do it together, because together, we can do ANYTHING! So stop and … [Read more…]

You didn’t think we were going to let you off the hook today just because we don’t currently have a challenge going on, DID YOU? How did your first challenge-less week go? Most of our fellow writers were in Chicago over the weekend at BlogHer, but I know they are still going to be accountable and … [Read more…]

This is it, Sisters and Brothers! After 7 long weeks, we’ve finally come to the end of this challenge! WOOHOOOOOO for all of you that stuck it out. First off, I’d like to thank all the sponsors for this week’s Weigh-in Giveaway: Tia Margie Plain White Press And a big thank you to all … [Read more…]

How’s everyone doing? Today is weigh-in day. Aren’t you excited about stepping on your scale and seeing if you had a loss for the week? Yeah, yeah, I know it’s difficult to get excited about this stuff sometimes. I know a lot of you are doing SO WELL with your weight loss, but I for one, am … [Read more…]

Good morning ladies and gentleman!!  Gather ’round, it’s Wednesday, and you know that what means!  That’s right, it’s weigh-in day!  How’d you do?  For those of us in the States, how did your holiday weekend go?  Did you do good?  Bad?  Talk to us! Okay, you know the drill.  Go get on those scales.  … [Read more…]